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Death Parade Episode 8: Death Murderers

I rather enjoy the idea of two murderers playing a game of air hockey for the sake of their immortal souls. It’s kind of like Death Note, with unfathomable layers of scheming replaced by amnesiac bumbling, grim determination, and air hockey.

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Death Parade Episode 7: Death Pregaming

The real Death Parade starts here, and also intense inebriation. To be fair, if I had an indeterminate shelf life, I’d also want to get loaded 24/7. I mean you can’t exactly die, so there’s no risk of Hendrixing yourself. Though arbiters seem to eat and drink, so maybe hangovers are unavoidable. Still, it’s definitely […]

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Death Parade Episode 6: Death Valentine’s Day Special

Where some other show would acknowledge Valentine’s Day through hackneyed awkward chocolate giving, or characters not being on the receiving end of hackneyed awkward chocolate giving, Death Parade opts for explosions, clothes being frozen off, and wonderfully anticlimactic bathroom deaths. More than any other episode up to this point, Death Parade has really knocked it […]

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Death Parade Episode 5: Death Performance Review

Even Decim, who has the power of reincarnation and damnation resting squarely in his hands, and can absolutelywreck people with strings, has superiors who send the equivalent of secret shoppers to make sure he’s doing a good job. And, just like real secret shoppers, they’re antisocial husks of human beings who hate children.

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Death Parade Episode 4: Decim Hugs All Around

Last week proved that Death Parade can handle a sweeter story remarkably well, even if it also builds to a less than satisfactory reason for it happening. This week proves that it can also handle familial/spousal abuse and its lasting impact with tact and grace, never compromising its somber tone. The lone spot of levity is the […]

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Death Parade Episode 3: Striking Out with Blue Balls

Thank you, Death Parade, for making that subtitle possible. You’ll always be a 10/10 in my heart just for this reason. As of three episodes in, Death Parade has proven itself extremely capable of using the unexpected to great effect. With that said, sometimes “unexpected” isn’t a good enough criterion for something to make an […]

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Death Parade Episode 2: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

I can appreciate a show that opens a tale of suspicion, physical/emotional spousal torture, and uncertainty with a jaunty musical number.

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Kantai Collection Episode 1: You Slightly Damaged My Sendai-Class Light Cruiser!

Kantai Collection, for the unititiated, is probably one of the most profitable franchises based around both a random number generator and vague endorsement of Japanese imperialism. Also there are ships that are girls, and girls that are ships. Keeping with tradition, the start of the anime is probably the finest adaptation of a random number generator/vague […]

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