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Sodachi Lost is Pretty Damn Good

Discounting the trappings of Shaft’s distinctive Monogatari aesthetic, which have been used to an effect on par with the best of prior series, there’s very little in Sodachi Lost that ties directly into the heart-stoppingly byzantine overarching narrative that everything else dutifully feeds. Aside from the main cast that’s solving the mystery behind Oikura’s return, […]

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Owarimonogatari Episode 4: It’s Not Ougi ’til it’s Ougi

Sometimes I think that the amount of goodwill that Monogatari’s built up in me is disproportionately large to how good it actually is. Well I say “sometimes”, but a part of me knows that for every Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End that skewers both the audience and its own characters into a shish kebab of […]

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The Perfect Insider Episode 2: Spoiled Moe

Holy fuck, this is the most stereotypically noitaminA show in recent memory. I mean that in an actually good Paradise Kiss way, not in a Guilty Crown way. And I don’t know how the fuck this slipped me by last week, but I’m going to make up for it by hopefully touching on what it did […]

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Shomin Sample Episode 1: Shame Sample

It’s probably pretty telling of a show’s quality and appeal when nobody subs it for several days. But hey, at least we finally got that perennial inhabitant of Scamp’s fake season charts, subbed courtesy of (who fucking else?) Funimation! I guess not even fake charts are sacred anymore.

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Owarimonogatari Episode 1: The Beginning of the End

In typical Monogatari fashion, the 48 minute introductory episode becomes one of the most verbose 48 minute stretches in existence. And, in equally typical Monogatari fashion, this isn’t at all a bad thing. Thanks to the smoke and mirrors that Shaft uses to make up for the fact that everything is just two people talking […]

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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 12: SYMBOLISM

  I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed that Gakkou Gurashi gave a moment of terribad on par with Yuu from Charlotte going on a grief-induced skewer rampage against Japan’s delinquents and/or House of the Dead binge. But it did, and now we have to live with the ravenous horde of undead being […]

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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 11: Crucicried by Army of School Livers

  Regardless of the quality of the source material, you can always tell when a show is made with love, whether it’s for the material that it’s based off of, or just for money. Just looking at the small changes made to the Gakkou Gurashi opening with every major development, even if they don’t take […]

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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 10: Taroumarley and Me

Well, I think we all saw this coming as of last week. With the way that Gakkou Gurashi played this character up, it’s sad, but expected that they would have turned and attacked somebody that they formerly loved. It may have been the way that Taroumaru barked at a suspiciously Sakura-sensei-shaped figure lumbering around in […]

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