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2017 Anime of the Year awards and top 10

It’s the last time I can use a Tanya face to lead a post, so let me have this one. At least until they announce a season 2. Hello? Anyone? 2017 was a year of incredible originality and imagination across anime…a line that will soon look very silly when 4 of my top 10 are […]

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Winter 2018 Anime Season Preview

The best characters in Dagashi Kashi in order of size. Yes get your bug eyed “best girl” out of here, I’ll fight you. Youtuber Dad best girl. 2017 was one of the best years of anime in a while, with a huge variety of genres with some of the most original stuff to come out […]

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November 2017 Anime Roundup

I had too many month where the top image was Tanya the Evil pulling a deranged face so we need some Momo to balance it out. I missed last month as I had fallen behind on some stuff, but I’ve had to accept keeping up when you have a full time job is tough. Still […]

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Fall 2017 Anime First Impressions

The new season of Fireball is out and it is the best anime of the season. Yeah sure the entire anime from start to finish will only be 7 minutes and 30 seconds long but it’s still the best and you will all bow down to Drossel. In the meantime there were a bunch of […]

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Fall 2017 Anime Season Preview

There is a new season of Fireball! And it’s only 3 episodes long. My disappointment consumes me the way shittiness consumed the ending of Rage of Bahamut Virgin Souls. To drown my sorrows from both of these facts, let’s make fun of all the anime coming out next season. Yes it’s The Cart Driver Dot […]

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Watching anime on Twitch was an entertaining experience

For about a week Twitch and Crunchyroll paired up to stream anime on Twitch. Crunchyroll picked a couple of popular and well liked anime from the past few years and you could tune in, jumping in and out with the live stream as the chat scrolled down the side. I tuned in for a few […]

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July 2017 Anime Roundup

My standards for a good season have changed over time. Only 4 new shows I felt compelled to stick with? Wow, I’m really enjoying this season wowie! I guess in the past I was a more obsessive fan and stuck with more stuff I held out hope on maybe getting really good at some point. […]

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Summer 2017 Anime First Impressions: Princess Principal, My Girlfriend is a Gal, Gamers

A quick reminder that the new anime from this season you should be watching is Made in Abyss. Final batch of first impressions from this season for me. Turned out it has been an all right season with a couple of interesting anime that I am petrified will all go careering off a cliff any […]

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