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Winter 2015 Anime Season Preview

All the ladies in the club let me hear you say “kyaaaa”. Fushoji gonna wet themselves like it’s 2010. Let’s get some outright hatred meaning they totally want to fuck in the house tonight. Welcome to The Cart Driver Dot Com’s World Famous (in that at least one person on each continent has heard of it […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 7 – Room full of spleens

I feel something has been lost between Psycho Pass and I. It broke…I wouldn’t call it a suspension of disbelief, but it broke my investment in proceedings from a in-world perspective. In previous episodes I would have gotten heavily into all the theorising as to what is going on, why Kamui is doing the things […]

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Parasyte episode 7 – Big-mouthed crybabies

Nice to see the fluidity and detail of Parasyte’s transformation sequences return in full force this week. Partly because the more fluid they are, the more effective they are at creating that creepy transition from human to monster with that uncanny valley inbetween spot. The scene where Shinichi watches his ex-mother transform into Parasyte and […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 6 – Blow up everybody

Psycho Pass has become the kind of show where I have some misgivings while watching the episode but generally enjoy it, probably because it has lots of things blowing up. But then I go eat dinner, think the episode over, sleep on it for a bit and suddenly wake up yelling “why the fuck does […]

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Parasyte episode 6 – Suddenly haggard middle aged man

How you know Parasyte is a good anime: The male characters have nipples. This is how I judge how good an anime is. It is my rating scale. Simply a yes/no answer (there’s also an ‘inconclusive’ option for when no man reveals his chest, but all good anime have a mad taking his top off […]

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12 Days of Anime project call to arms: Christmas 2014

Every Christmas for the past….7(?) years, anime bloggers come together and write a series of posts leading up to Christmas day. 12 days of writing about moments in anime over the past year that impressed you. Or left an impact on you. Or was shockingly awful. Anything that was memorable in some way or another […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 5 – Angry Birds

There’s a scene from a later episode of Code Geass R2 (you know a post is going to be gold when it starts with a reference to something from R2) where Lelouch lines up a bunch of unmanned mechs with lances to create a line of lance arches for him to walk under. There was […]

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Parasyte episode 5 – Altruism

To me, Parasyte’s approach and thoughts on altruism is the most interesting part of the whole story. Just in case your eyeballs fell out of your sockets when Migi was going through its explanation and you now can’t be arsed to google, altruism is simply  the concern for the welfare of others (it’s something right […]

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