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Parasyte episode 24 (finale) – How do you see me

So that’s it. Parasyte is over. I remember thinking the manga ended kinda poorly, basically tying off random loose ends for a while even though the main narrative ended back when Reiko died. Watching the anime version I was surprised at how much content and material there still was after Reiko’s death and started wondering […]

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Durarara x2 episode 11 – Post punch up bromance

As soon as I finished this episode and had fastforwarded past the awful ending song like I always do, the first thing I did was go look up what the hell Kabaddi was. Sorry people of Central and South-East Asia, that’s not a thing that exists in Europe nor America, according to some reliable American […]

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Fantasy Anime League Spring 2015 edition – Predicting the hype

A host of anime of dubious quality stands over the horizon. Gems may hide amongst their ranks while so too do massive turds. Picking the quality out from the trash is a difficult task, and identifying the hype that’s not just from that one guy on the forums who won’t shut up about that one manga he […]

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Parasyte episode 23 – We are the real parasytes

I never really liked the final portion of Parasyte when it came to the manga. It’s something that stuck out to me back when reading the manga that after Reiko died, it mostly spun its wheels while tying up loose ends. It hadn’t bugged me as much while watching the anime which I suppose I […]

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Shirobako should be required viewing for anime fans

I think that Shirobako should be required viewing for anime fans. Not because it’s a timeless classic that shapes the anime field before it, which is the usual criteria for deciding what is required viewing. Not even because it happens to be an incredibly good show, although that certainly helps. The moment I realised how […]

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Durarara x2 episode 10 – Cute Headless Horse

I really like that they’re giving Shooter, Celty’s horse\motorbike\chariot\van\glider more personality this season, making it an actual horse rather than inanimate object. The scene where Shooter felt all hurt that the little girl was afraid of him was pretty great because it’s one of the first times in the show you actually stopped to look […]

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Durarara x2 episode 9 – Escape chariot

Celty really has stopped giving a fuck whether anyone knows her identity anymore. She used to drive around only at night and even then with her lights off. Now she creates headless horse chariots in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight with multiple people videoing her on their phones. I guess she […]

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Parasyte episodes 21-22 – Which lady would you choose

Which ship do you side with? In the space of two episodes, our hero Shinichi slept with two women. No don’t try to argue with me, did you not see them sleeping next to each other in those futons? It may be my preference for older women shining through but I would choose the old […]

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