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MAL articles roundup #3 – School Live thematic analysis

Another week, another MAL posts roundup. Still working my way into things, but I’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm of 3 episodics and one analytical post per week. Might even bump it up to 2 non-episodics per week once I get my schedule sorted out. As I write the season preview for this site, I’m […]

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MAL articles roundup #2 – More episodics and predicting the next megahit

Some loser showing off his Splatoon Miiverse post. More MAL articles as I continue to try get the hang of this “working for the man” thing. I’ve asked about comments on articles as well as RSS feeds for individual authors. Comments sound like they are coming, just not yet as they work all this coding […]

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MAL articles roundup #1 – Classroom Crisis, Shimoneta and Durarara

A roundup of the articles I’ve submitted to MAL over the past few weeks. I haven’t quite decided how I’ll do this yet so I’d be interested to hear some feedback from blog readers. I don’t know yet if there will be a separate feed for just my posts, nor if they will have comments […]

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July 2015 Roundup

All right, it’s back to your regularly scheduled blogging. After spending the past month getting to grips with my newfound freedom at MAL, it’s back to The Cart Driver Dot Com to join my fellow writers in telling everyone what you should watch this season. Except you should only listen to me. And Inushinde too […]

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I write for MAL now

I sold out! As some of you may have heard, the website MyAnimeList, the site for obsessive compulsive anime fans like myself who feel the need to track their viewing habits of all their anime, were recently bought out. With their new owners comes new plans for the site, including featured articles written by highly […]

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Fantasy Anime League Spring 2015 finale – Don’t forget to don’t forget

Fantasy Anime League is over. Possibly forever if they don’t get anyone to help with their stats checking. After giving it a few days for the dust to settle, it’s time for Shinmaru and myself to pick over the remains of our FAL teams and see what went wrong and, more importantly, which of the […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 21-25 – But what about the cart driver?

Finally, I can use this picture and have it be relevant. This blog has existed for just over 5 and a half years now. I myself have been blogging for over 7 years, having started on an older team site before jumping ship. I named this blog after this specific scene. Yet I’ve never actually […]

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June 2015 Roundup

Summer is here. New anime season has rolled up, catching the collective Cart Driver staff completely unaware as we attempt to wake up from our collective crappy season stupor, made even worse by oppressive heat. But wait, before we move onto this new season full of wonder and joy and possibly even some decent anime, […]

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