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Winter Anime 2015 First Impressions: Luck and Logic, Dimension W and some sequels

While I beat Inushinde to the punch to write about that fantastic Rakugo anime, he beat me in writing about that time-travelling manga author show, aka the other really good anime this season (even if a little part of me secretly preferred Dagashi Kashi aka Candy Crush). So now I jump back into the pile […]

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Winter Anime 2015 First Impressions: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Dagashi Kashi and even more shorts

I had forgotten first impressions posts usually go this way. You write impressions of the first few series that air and try to act like there’s some promise here, then some actually good anime come out and suddenly those other anime look a hell of a lot weaker in comparison. I had two of these […]

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Winter 2015 Anime First Impressions part 1: Active Raid, Prince of Parkour, and some shorts

New season, new anime. New batch of first impressions. These are always fun as you watch me get excited for new anime that will ultimately let me down, dismiss a future classic because I don’t think it will go anywhere, and feel disappointed after anime I was excited for limp into view. Also sexual bullying via […]

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Winter 2016 Anime Season Preview

You mean…the new season starts tomorrow? Oh dear, I better finish that season preview then. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s Legendary Anime Season Preview, winter 2016 edition. The new season doesn’t air its first anime until tomorrow so it’s all good, I’m still on time. This is officially the latest I’ve ever gotten a preview […]

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2015 Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10

Whether 2015 was a good year for anime depends on what you’re looking for in anime. Do you want dark, edgy science fiction or fantasy with brooding heroes, giant robots and epic battles? Then 2015 was rubbish. Do you like trash? Well then 2015 might just be the best year for anime of all time. There […]

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Scamp’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

This was a very difficult list to compile. In previous years the final list usually picked itself with little issue. In fact even as I’m writing this intro I still don’t know the proper order between 3 and 7. It’s been a year full of anime that really struck a chord with me even while […]

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Reader’s Poll for Anime of the Year 2015

Here’s the poll for folks to vote for their Anime of the Year for 2015 before we all tell you why you’re wrong and we’re right. Unless you vote for what we chose, then in which case you are right and good. The same rules apply as last year. It’s specifically for anime that ENDED […]

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10 Moments of Suck in Anime: 2015 Edition

We just spent the last 12 days celebrating the best moments in anime. We will soon have everyone posting their Anime of the Year lists. Everyone is feeling pretty great about anime right now. That’s why I’m here to put a stop to all this celebrating. Christmas is over, it’s time to stew in miserable […]

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