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Day with The Cart Driver Season 2 Episode 1 – Weaponised Fanservice

Totally haven’t renamed the last episode so this can be the real episode 1. Yeah we’re back with Day with The Cart Driver anime podcast, where a pair of married weebs bicker about anime. Myself and Day from Gar Gar Stegosaurus We talk the new season and all our thoughts, of which we have a […]

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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions: March Comes In Like a Lion, Girlish Number, Kiss Him Not Me, The Great Passage

Someone disappears into a background of shoujo flowers, only to burst out of them again complete with petals cascading off their body. You know, I still kinda like Shaft. Last batch for now, seeing as I’ve already started my secondary project of watching all the anime from this year I missed out on due to moving/classes/work/Overwatch. […]

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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions: Keijo, Flip Flappers, All Out and Drifters

Dat hat tho Continuing with my first impressions posts. I now finally have internet in my home again, so I can watch Crunchyroll and not have to trek down to the local library and sponge off their internet with that one weird bloke who’s there everyday watching political videos on youtube and swearing under his […]

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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions: Izetta the Last Witch, Magical Girl Raising Project, Yuri on Ice

The bug has bit me. I want to blog about anime again! As in on this site and not as some corporate whore! We’ll see how long this lasts as I’ve only been picking up the anime I had some interest in pre-season. It’s nice that none of them have let me down though. In […]

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Fall 2016 Anime Season Preview

Anime blog? No, this is a Taiwanese puppet drama blog now. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s slightly late Fall 2016 Anime Season Preview. You may only declare this blog dead when a new season passes with no season preview. Plus this season looks all right. It has a gay Russian figure skating, bikini-clad boob wrestling, bisexual prison […]

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Gen Urobuchi’s Puppet Show Thunderbolt Fantasy is Kind of Awesome (MAL article)

I’ve been watching a whole lot of Thunderbolt Fantasy lately since it’s on Crunchyroll. Let me tell you it’s a pretty goddamn amazing show. So much so that I decided to write a piece for MAL about why you should all go watch it. What has surprised me most is how solid the dialogue is, […]

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Why Did People Hate the Second Half of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress? (MAL Article)

I wrote a thing for MAL. I used to write these MAL article roundup posts but at some point they stopped making sense when I was writing primarily listicles. However the type of stuff I’ve been tasked to write has changed a little (a bit more attention grabbing, shocking headline type pieces), so it makes […]

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We need more lightning to back up this sweetness

I really liked the opening episode of Sweetness and Lightning. It captured something about cooking that so many other anime about cooking never do. They captured the joy in seeing someone you care about eating your homemade food. It wasn’t shounen battle cooking where the actual cooking could be replaced with anything and it would […]

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