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Nisekoi episode 6 – SHE SPOKE ENGLISH

OH MAH GAWD SHE SPOKE IN ENGLISH I understood something she said It’s not just nonsense gibberish Subs didn’t need to be read (Then again, after Kill la Kill And my massive social foux pas Even with English subs I still Might as well be watching it raw)

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Kill la Kill episode 18 – Finally upping the stakes

I’ve always thought it to be a mistake on the part of Kill la Kill to have what was basically a final boss fight right in episode 3. No fight since then has felt quite as dramatic or climactic. The Elite Four certainly didn’t, although they made up for that by being better spectacles and […]

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6 ways a remake could improve Legend of the Galactic Heroes

It was recently announced at the Legend of the Galactic Heroes stage production that there would be a remake/re-imagining/re-something of the classic anime. Now anyone who knows their shit about anime, or at least wants to pretend they know their shit about anime, knows that Galactic Heroes is one of the greatest anime of all […]

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Nisekoi episode 5 – Forced relationships

The floods over here have not gone But Nisekoi is still here So the no-subs viewing lives on And the halfway point is near This episode reminded me that This show is for boys in their teens For whom going to girls for a chat Is way beyond their own means

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brb I’m underwater

I recently got a new job working as a reporter in Somerset in the UK. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, particularly if you live in the UK but it’s been making a few international headlines too, you may have noticed things have been a little wet over here. The above picture […]

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Kill la Kill episode 17 – No sports whatsoever

I thought this was supposed to be a sports and cultural festival? There hasn’t been a single display of sporting prowess beyond a single dramatic sword thrust, and even the cultural side of it is questionable. I suppose matricide is a significant cultural touchstone in all societies if we want to put it that way, […]

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Nisekoi episode 4 – Hairless gorilla

I continue to watch this vanilla With no translations to help me parse Whether he’s calling her a gorilla Or is my understanding a farce Why is she similar to an ape The comparison makes no sense to me It’s not appearance or body shape Unless there’s something I can’t see

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Kill la Kill episode 16 – Of course their headquarters is a beach

Time for a little change in pace. Thanks to Hunter X Hunter carrying on airing from now until the end of time and you evil lot giving him Sakura Kiss to blog, Shinmaru’s a bit overloaded with series. Meanwhile I, since I gave up on Samurai  Flamenco, only blog Nisekoi. So for the last 10 […]

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