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Code Geass R2 episodes 17-20 – Neo Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E

Notto dis shittu agen. My vague memory of Code Geass R2 is that the show mostly stayed on course until around about episode 18 and a certain thing with Rolo happened and then the whole show went off the rails. Not that Rolo was the glue holding the thing together. I don’t think I’ve written […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 13-16 – Come at me bro

After faffing about with those bollocks-less Chinese last arc, it’s great to see the return of a genuinely great villain again. One who when you threaten him calls you out. One who when you shoot him in the chest, he just stands there and laughs at you. There’s that brilliant moment where Zero stands with […]

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Summer 2015 Anime Season Preview

There are a large number of very classy anime coming up this season. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s world famous seasonal anime season preview, Summer 2015 edition. And by god do I hope it’s better than the Spring edition because boy did last season drain my enthusiasm for anime in general. I had to go […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 9-12 – Evil bollocks-less Chinese

I need this shot framed. Boy this current anime season completely kicked my arse. I fell behind in pretty much everything that’s not Blood Blockade and zoned out of anime altogether. Then I remembered the perfect remedy. I was supposed to be rewatching Code Geass! All right it may be the slightly weaker R2 but […]

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May 2015 Roundup

Another month, another season slowly fizzles away as almost everything turns out to be poop on a stick. Which is the case each season, but hey at least there are some anime worth talking about. And if not…well we can just talk about something that aired previously because fuck trying to find something from this […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 5-8 – That camera angle

It’s like in between seasons the Code Geass animators suddenly discovered the wonders of alternative camera angles. There was a particular episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex where we see an internet chatroom (a futuristic internet chatroom where people go into this cool conference hall and have intelligent conversation rather than repeat […]

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Fantasy Anime League 8 weeks in – Four fifths of a good team

Fantasy Anime League continues to rumble on with over 400 people taking part each season. As we pass the halfway mark it’s time to take a look at how we’ve done so far. Or more likely, sit and despair at how there’s nothing you can do to change your inevitable failure as everything had been […]

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Code Geass R2 episodes 1-4 – Singing off the same sheet

Code Geass is still about terrorism. Really gay terrorism. The year is 2008. Sunrise had allowed a talented director, previously responsible for Infinite Ryvius and Planetes, to direct a two cours mecha series helped by some pre-season hype thanks to the popular female manga authors Clamp doing the character designs. While there were some excited […]

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