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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 4 – BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD

There was an episode last season with Psycho Pass where a guy wearing a mask started beating up a woman in the street and nobody did anything about it, only stood around and took pictures, because they were so accustomed to Sibyl that they assumed anything that was being let happen was clearly OK. If […]

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Parasyte episode 4 – Musically challenged

It was a slightly lower key episode this week so I think it’s time to talk about an issue I’ve been putting off for a while. Sure there were some interesting discussion points this episode brought up, most notably self-determinism. The idea that creatures receive some kind of internal natural coding that makes them carry […]

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Can you name the anime openings from the first half of the 2010’s – Quiz

>>QUIZ RIGHT HERE<< Link to the soundcloud for all the OPs here in case the plugin doesn’t work. I’ve done one of these before about 18 months ago. It was fun and it seemed people really enjoyed it, so I decided to make another one. With all the openings for this new season out, we […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 3 – Eye need something of yours

Nothing grosses me out and makes me squeamish more than eye torture. Even hacking off a dude’s balls doesn’t get me to squeeze up into my own little world of pain quite like eye torture, with the possible exception of cringe humour from Watamote. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can see it coming towards […]

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Parasyte episode 3 – Not now, we’re in public

When you’re out in a cafe with your man and he starts unravelling his head in a threatening manner, don’t you just hate that #justgirlthings I’m pretty darn excited that we’ve introduced our parasyte maths teacher. She’s probably the best character in the manga alongside Migi, probably because they have a lot in common. They’re both […]

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Fantasy Anime League Fall 2014 week 2 – 20 year-old manga adaptations are hits

Two weeks into Fantasy Anime League and it’s time to check in on how you’re doing. Did you get it all right and correctly predicted that MAL would love a fine collection of light novel adaptations, or did you somehow not realise that an adaptation of a 20 year old manga by a slowly dying […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 2 – Badassery comes with bad lungs

Akane smokes now. Mai waifu has been ruined. Actually I find this to be a really interesting reveal for her character. She definitely didn’t smoke last season. It fit her more straight-out-of-college naive young adult look. It seems like she’s picked up the habit from Kougami. If anything it wasn’t even made clear whether she […]

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Parasyte episode 2 – Dickhand

My demands for a Parasyte adaptation are pretty lenient. There were only two scenes I really wanted in. Firstly the one from the very start where the man’s head splits into 10 different jaws and bites off his wife’s head. The second was dickhand. We sort of got dickhand, in about as uncensored a fashion […]

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