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12 Days of Anime: 7 minutes of joy each week

When I finally do post my top anime of 2014, I’m sure a few eyebrows will be raised when people see how highly I rank Seki-kun, Master of Killing Time. Which might have something to do with 2014 not being a terribly good year for anime, but I’m a glass half full guy who prefers […]

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Psycho Pass Season 2 episode 11 (finale) – Let’s never speak of this again

I hope this upcoming anime movie being written by Butch Gen treats season 2 the same way shounen franchises treat its steps into theatrical movies. They introduce a bunch of characters for that movie and that movie alone, they all either die or leave over the course of the movie, and then nobody speaks of […]

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12 Days of Anime: 10 best episodes of Space Dandy

I wanted some Space Dandy representation in these 12 Days posts of mine as it’s one of my favourites of the year. But choosing a moment to represent what it was I loved about Dandy was difficult because nailing down one single piece goes against what it is I did love about the show. For […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 10 – Water Closet

I figured it out guys. In this episode Kamui managed to trap about 500 people in a train using waste water. In other words he got all these people in an oversized compartment and filled the surrounding area with piss and shit. Do you see it now? WC? It has nothing to do with what […]

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Parasyte episode 11 – White Knight

I’d forgotten about this scene from the manga! In there she groans to herself after, muttering “oh god he was on a white horse and everything” but if anything I think I prefer the anime version of not saying anything at all. The whole sequence is so long that I was genuinely cracking up towards […]

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The Cart Driver’s 2014 Anime of the Year: Reader’s choice poll

Normally each year I throw up a Reader’s Choice poll on the sidebar for Anime of the Year without any fanfare or introduction. It doesn’t need any because it’s self-explanatory. However this year with split-cours anime being all the rage, I thought I’d put up a little notice first so people don’t choose the Other Not […]

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Ghost in the Shell Arise – Final full review

Ghost in the Shell has gone through a few hands in its life. From the cyberpunk manga origins by Shirow Masamune, before he turned into a weirdo who only drew calendars full of pictures of impossibly proportioned naked girls covered in machine oil, it then went to Oshi. There it had its most visually striking […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 9 – Nessun Dorma

I feel like I’m on a hidden camera show now. When a bloke shows up with the ear of a granny in a delicate case behind a burning building full of mutilated foreigners disguised as exotic animals that was used to burn alive corrupt business owners after feeding them disguised brains and guts of humans, I […]

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