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Mahouka is terrible on every level – a final review

I watched all 26 episodes of Mahouka. I’m not entirely sure why. At some point it was a scholarly interest in why this was the latest hottest thing in light novels. It might have been because people said it gets better in the novels later and I wondered at what stage that would be. At another […]

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Terra Formars episode 1 – All good anime start with a bear cage fight

There are some pretty great eye-catching ways to open your anime. Elfen Lied is one that immediately springs to mind. Sure the anime may have been bad, but that opening 5 mins of a naked girl in a helmet ripping the hearts out of people with blood spraying over the walls was certainly an incredible […]

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Fantasy Anime League Fall 2014 edition: The redemptive arc begins here

It’s back! The bi-annual game of predicting just how awful the collective anime fanbase’s tastes in cartoons will be for another season. If you’ve ever played fantasy football, this is sort of like that except for that part where if you completely forget about your team in week three, you won’t instantly be completely annihilated two […]

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 24 – Secret Handshakes

Scamp: Wooh I get to start this week! Turns out I spoke too soon last week where I said I wasn’t really feeling this stand user. All it took was for Kakyoin and Polnareff to exchange a manly secret handshake about how they both knew the sign language for being able to see someone’s underwear […]

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Fall 2014 Anime Season Preview

The world famous Cart Driver anime season preview has arrived, Fall 2014 edition. The rest of 2014 hasn’t really been up to much. Is there a chance the Fall season will turn it all around? Well, do you love light novel adaptations that feature a single dude being surrounded by a group of attractive ladies […]

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Returning to Eden of the East

In winter 2009, Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter was making headlines on ANN about how it was blowing apart records for audience figures watching late night anime in Japan (despite not being as good as the first season). I was still a pretty new anime fan at the time and was only vaguely aware that anime […]

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August 2014 Roundup

I’m on holiday this month so wooh behind on anime. I’m sure Hanamonogatari was fantastic and would have got the What’s Hot spot. But nope. Instead I’ll just have to hope Inushinde does instead. He wouldn’t just put some idol show in there instead would he….right?

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Ranking the Haikyuu volleyball team

Arbitrary rankings are fun! Especially when a show gives you a nice concise group of people in an easily defined group that you can then argue and re-arrange the order of how good they are. I did this with the Tiger and Bunny hero team back in the day and that was enjoyable, because it […]

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