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5 CommentsHeroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 4 – Mount your friends

Narsus throwing a bunch of thugs down a trapdoor then just leaving them there was my favourite part of this episode. It’s like he dropped them down there then realised he didn’t know what to do next but had to look cool in front of his old friend. So instead he started treating them as […]

14 CommentsCode Geass / By Scamp /

Code Geass episode 9-12 – Table-kun

Code Geass: Still a serious anime about war and the morality of terrorism. And table fucking. We will get to that part later. I’m actually quite pleased they had this minor scene in one episode since it is basically the reason why the wonderful Nunnally in Wonderland OVA exists and that thing is a minor […]

53 CommentsHopefully Humorous / By Scamp /

Does this anime have BL in it?

The anime viewer must always remain vigilant against two letters: L and B. No, not Little Busters, although you definitely shouldn’t watch that either. It’s BL, the horrific, sudden, and irreversible discovery that the new anime you have picked up turns out to have been a Boys Love anime. With gay people. Sometimes kissing. Or […]

26 CommentsCode Geass / By Scamp /

Code Geass episodes 5-8 – Pizza Hut supports the (pirated) rebellion

A highly frustrating thing happened to me with Code Geass. I’d been watching my own DVDs I had gotten for Christmas. I got up to episode 6 where I had to swap my dvd out for the next batch of episodes only to discover the box was missing one of the discs. If you know […]

5 CommentsHeroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 3 – Arabian Santa Claus kicks arse

Although I might think the animation in Arslan sucks, I do like its tendency to depict heroic characters slashing their weapon and have a collection of grunts fly away from them like his just let out a giant fart and they’re all swooning from it’s whiff. It’s like you’re looking at someone play a Dynasty […]

23 CommentsFantasy Anime League / By Scamp /

Fantasy Anime League 2 weeks later – Small hollow victories

The opening salvo of the latest anime season has begun. That means it’s time to see what the collective denizens of MAL have decided they will watch this season. As always with Fantasy Anime League, you quickly know within the first two weeks whether you have picked winners or not. Or in Inushinde’s case, losers. […]

36 CommentsCode Geass / By Scamp /

Code Geass episodes 1-4: The modern classic serious war drama

Code Geass was a very serious war anime from 2006 about the morally grey area of terrorism. Yes we’re doing this. Code Geass rewatch blogging project is a go. I did name this whole goddamn website after a small moment in the series even though I haven’t seen the episode in question since 2008, and […]

19 CommentsHeroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 2 – Oh no he betrayed me…who are you again?

There’s a thing in sports where sometimes the greatest players don’t make good managers because they are incapable of understanding why less talented people can’t do what they themselves find easy and natural. They can’t explain to the lesser talents why they can’t do something the manager thinks should be simple. Or how a teacher incredibly smart […]

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