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February 2015 Roundup

Winter anime season continues being good. Some of these anime have entertained we great writers at the cart driver dot com. Less of them have failed to entertain. We wrote about both. Because we are balanced reporters on Japanese cartoons so we are.

11 CommentsParasyte / By Scamp /

Parasyte episode 20 – Ultimate being

The way the mass murderer was talking about boss Parasyte, there was more than a hint of Ultimate Being to him. The creature is well on his way to become the perfect specimen that Cars was from the end of Battle Tendency. I don’t think Cars could turn his own arm into the literal finger […]

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver Dot Com’s World Famous Anime Season Preview, Spring 2015 edition. This makes 26 season previews over the course of almost 8 years for me and tracking trends in anime over that time has been fun. I remember thinking a year or two ago that it seemed like the tide was changing just […]

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Durarara x2 episode 7 – In-between animation? What’s that?

The animation had been bugging me a little in Durarara this season, although every time I meant to bring it up I instead went on weird tangents about how great Yahoo answers is. Any full shots of characters standing up made them look like overly long noodle people. Not quite XXXHolic levels but still distracting. […]

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Parasyte episode 19 – Humanity fights back

I have completely forgotten everything that happened after Tamura Reiko pops her alien clogs in the manga. I guess in my mind that moment was such a big coming together and tying up of so many of the anime’s central themes that my head just sort of checked out after that. Hence it’s actually a […]

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Durarara x2 episode 6 – Someone introduce this man to wikipedia

This man’s entire life appears to be based around Google’s auto-complete first suggestions when you type in something generic like “why do”. I just tried that and got “why do we yawn” which is a damn good question. Although I also got “why do dogs sit on cats”, proving again Google’s auto-complete function gets us […]

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Parasyte episode 18 – Cyberpunk

So I don’t throw out spoilers in the opening paragraph for people who glance through posts while scrolling the site, I’ll instead mention how nice of a surprise it is that Parasyte has really caught on with English speaking fandom. It was top of ANN’s user poll for anime of the year 2014 (questionable when […]

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Durarara!! x2 episode 5 – Izaya’s selfie cam

I enjoyed the opening scene of Izaya recording himself on his phone and he rambled on about the price of the human soul and how much someone was willing to sell it for. Not necessarily for its contents, although I do like that they didn’t go for the stereotypical “everyone has their price” routine and […]

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