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Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 6

First, we are born in the same galaxy. Born of the same species. Our lifetimes overlap. The meetings between humans are so unlikely as to be miraculous. To laugh, to cy, and to fall in love. Everyone is made up of a collection of 1% chances. Thus, I am dazzled by the fact that there are so many miracles in this world.

I really should have started taking down these opening lines since they started. They, in a strange way, are the perfect sign to someone that this anime is far more than just bizarreness for the sake of it. This anime has a heart. I actually got shivers writing that quoted line, although that may have been because it’s bloody cold in my room. brb, shutting the window.

Episode 43: Ah, what wonderful music

The guitar vs the violin. Which would you go for guys and girls? Let me give you a hint: it’s like Nodame Cantabile vs K-ON. Yeah, no contest there folks. Well actually, since Hoshi isn’t playing a bass guitar, then I guess it’s more like Nodame vs Beck, which I’d still give to Nodame easily but it’s more of a respectable defeat for the guitar. I didn’t think Recruit was actually that good at the violin myself, mainly because it was hard to hear the beautiful music over the sound of his evil cackles and the cries of despair from the fallen star.

I’ve tried to use that excuse for blogging as well. ‘Hey look Scamp, that guy fell asleep while reading your latest Durarara post.’ ‘No, he’s just closing his eyes to focus on my wonderful writing…or something…’

Episode 44: Last Song

Himo himo himo himo~~~~

Himo himo himo himo~~~~

Himo himo himo himo~~~~


Himo himo himo himo~~~~

Himo himo himo himo~~~~

Himo himo himo himo~~~~

*second verse to be decided later*

(Whenever anyone sings that song I always get the picture of Recruits dad boogying away, since he was the first guy to sing this song. OK, it was in Recruit’s dream but still.)

Episode 45: You splash my back, I’ll splash yours

Oh you lot may laugh at Recruit now. I, however, sympathise with the poor guy. I remember making a similar expression while I was job hunting. At least Recruit had a laptop at the time from which to search for jobs. I had to use the family computer which would overheat if you tried to open more than one page at once. Or, alternatively, when the episode of anime you were watching had reached its most climactic point. Like in Code Geass episode 23 where it would shut down just as Lelouch was saying ‘I could tell you to kill all the  *bwwrrrrrr…*’.

Would that famous scene from James bond have worked better if the girl was wearing a Japanese school-girl swimsuit? Probably not, I’d have preferred Nino in a bikini myself. But eh, Shaft are unusually (for them) light on the fanservice in Arakawa. Some may call it a good thing while others are desperate for some service. I’m pretty indifferent to be honest. Arakawa is too intelligent to result to dumb fan pandering. However there is such a thing as clever use of fan service, it’s just really rare to find.

Episode 46: Ric’s Teachings

They look just like a married couple there, teaching their kids how to swim. Like nearly everything else in this show, there’s an odd charm to watching the two of them teaching the iron-head brothers to swim. Seeing Recruit being so up front and harsh of Nino’s teaching methods was a bit surprising to see seeing as he’s been increasingly lenient with her weirdness in recent episodes, saving his freak outs for the many other oddities that reside under the bridge, although I suppose it was for the best that he did.

There’s one shot every episode that cracks me up. This was it in episode 6. So predictable and yet so hilarious. They were going to have to mention those iron heads at some point, same way they’ll have to mention Hoshi having a star as a head at some point too. Or the guy with a chicken for a head and his bumblebee girlfriend. I wonder if they’ll ever have their own episode.

Episode 47: Chance

Lol yeah right, and the mayors a real life kappa. There’s nothing supernatural about anyone under the bridge. I bet these kids are the same as Nino and the Mayor. They know full well that they can’t transcend time and space, the same way Nino knows she isn’t actually from Venus. They just use it as an excuse to cover up whatever it is they want to hide. Which gets me back to wondering what Nino’s past actually is and why she wants to hide it behind Venus. I have my doubts that we’ll ever get an answer. It just wouldn’t suit the mood of the series, although we are only halfway through. Wait, already halfway through? Argh!

Oh what Hoshi would pay to get Nino to look at him like that. Recruit is, slowly but surely, working his way up in Nino’s estimation and everyone under the bridge’s estimation as well. OK, maybe Hoshi is too busy singing himo himo himo himo~~~ but everyone else is slowly being won over. P-ko trusted him enough to give him those Styrofoam boxes (you know you’re in there when a women gives you her styrofoam) and Sister has been on his side since the very beginning when Recruit expressed his desire to be the best lover he could be. Besides, Recruit is one up on Sister anyway in that he’s actually quite close to his crush. Sister is too busy blowing holes for himself to crawl into.

Episode 48: Polypropylene

One day you decide to stretch your legs and head out on a brisk stroll. It’s a nice day so you decide to walk along the river. You glance into a nearby oil can only to see…that!

(I’ve said it before, but the kappa sucks at being a mayor. People are much more likely to go to Sister or Nino for advice. I suppose if you’re going to keep the kappa out of the way of everyone you might as well make him the mayor. There’s not a whole lot for him to rule over. You wouldn’t trust the mayor with the important jobs, like producing vegetable or fish or eggs or cookies.

Episode 49: Hint

This is so like Recruit. Taking care of yourself so you’re always in top condition if you ever need to pay someone back. You don’t want to have someone take care of you when you’re ill because then he’d have intense asthma attacks until the other person was ill. He’d be better off breaking the guys leg and then taking care of him then just waiting for him to catch a cold. Hey, I wonder what happens to Recruit if he does injure someone? Does that fall under his debt repayment policy? I don’t think it does myself, which explains why he’s free to be a big a dick to anyone as he can. It’s just other people being nice to him that he can’t take.

Episode 50: Work Selection

Oh Recruit~ Aren’t you forgetting a little something? Oh well, I guess I’ll leave that to the little kid with her mum on the bridge to point that out to you. Best of all was that he still never noticed the irony of the whole situation. As it’s been said before, Recruit fits in amongst these people all too well. Even better now that he’s decided to get himself a job.

A close second for the most lol-worthy image of the episode. Strangley, dressed as a priest doesn’t make him look any less badass than he did as a nun. Instead of looking like someone from the Church of Violence from Black Lagoon, he looks like a random Hellsing character. I’d like to think that his reference to fighting Dracula is a Hellsing reference but it probably isn’t. Speaking of references, don’t you just know that now Recruit has become a teacher he’s going to throw out a ‘Zetsuboshita’. Speaking of even better references…


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  1. OneDollar
    Posted May 12, 2010 at 8:38 pm | Permalink

    lulz at the last bit with light and recruit’s picture… only that we knwo recruit is gonna epic fail at his ‘stratigical’ plan

  2. luffyluffy
    Posted May 12, 2010 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    Kou Ichinomiya, Teacher Under The Bridge.


  3. Posted May 12, 2010 at 11:48 pm | Permalink

    “this anime is far more than just bizar­re­ness for the sake of it. This anime has a heart.”

    That’s what I really like about it. I mean I enjoy the wacky humor, but I like the way Ric is on a voyage of discovery. I hope we see some sort of breakthrough in his relationship with Nino as well.

  4. Scamp
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 11:33 am | Permalink


    So he’s more like Kraft Lawrence than Light Yagami in that regard


    Argh, I need to watch those Hellsing OVA’s sometime soon. I just wish they had a full english dub of the thing


    I wonder what they’ll finish up on. I doubt this series is going to have a conclusive ending but I hope they finish on some sort of finishing note

  5. Scheniziel Lackward
    Posted May 15, 2010 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    one comment for Hoshii, his voice not really good, but good when he sing the leech song, lol, hahaha, poor Recruit :D

    agree with you, i think Sister should be the mayor! and Nino is his assistant, that should do it :)

  6. blissfullynaive
    Posted May 18, 2010 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    Man, i laughed so hard at the Code Geass bit you mentioned.

    Awesome Leech song, btw.

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