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10 Anime Moments of Suck 2012

The 26th of December is the suckiest day of the year because it’s the furthest away from Christmas you can get. So, as per tradition, what better day to ‘celebrate’ the truly horrible moments of anime in 2012. In the past I’ve called them moments of HATE, but as I said earlier, this year I […]

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BREAD MUTHA FOOKIN BREAD LIKE WOOOOOAAAAAHHH MAN, IT’S BREAD Sorry, but when I reach the end of first impression posts, my brain starts to melt out of my ears as I struggle to come up with something new to say. Especially when it comes to something as utterly banal as BREAD: THE ANIMATION.

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Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s world renowned anime season preview! In the post-chartfag world, the need for season previews to simply tell you what anime are coming out has been diminished. Instead I’m here to tell you why these upcoming anime are interesting. And there are a lot of…interesting anime coming out this spring. Bar […]

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