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The 12 Worst Moments in Anime 2010

Today is the day that’s the furthest away from Christmas. There’s no day more perfect for talking about depressing subjects. 12 moments in anime I watched this year that caused me to rage. Scenes in anime that made me double facepalm at the time and continue to make me facepalm whenever I think about them […]

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No anime is dropped forever: Princess Tutu

There’s no point in running these ‘no anime is dropped forever’ posts if I never actually watch the anime featured. Next up is that anime that everyone else seemed to love apart from me. Hence I knew when I started these posts that I would eventually have to pick this up. Here we go, Princess […]

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A typical episode of Princess Tutu

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a narrator who ruined the plot for the proceeding episode by telling you roughly what happens even before the strangely catchy opening song has played. But that’s OK because these are all fairy tales you should know anyway. Of course a cleverer way of doing this would be […]

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No anime is dropped forever 46-50

Source There is no such thing as drop­ping an anime forever. When I use the term ‘dropped’ that does not mean that’s the last I’ll see of that anime in my life. Drop­ping a show means that I don’t have the enthu­si­asm to watch this show cur­rently and at a later date I’ll return to that anime. This later date may […]

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Twitter is like Princess Tutu

They have loads of people proclaiming how glorious it is, yet I just don’t understand what anyone sees in them. But like Princess Tutu, I’ve decided to give it a shot to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve set up an account here so if you want to listen to me ramble on […]

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