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Inushinde’s Top 30 Anime

Of the thousands of anime series, movies, OVAs and specials that dot history from the 60s to the modern day, I have only seen scant over 300. That’s barely a blip on the radar, and hardly something to be floored by, even if my regular anime viewing has only been going on for around four […]

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The Top 30 Anime

This list has been updated! It really needed it too, given how much time has passed. >>>See the new list here<<< After over 4 hours of heated debate, all three of the writers on this site have finally managed to agree upon the anime we consider to be the best. The idea was that, if we’re […]

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December Roundup

Happy new year and all that jazz. Quiet month again in regards to anime related news, so no pissing about and onto the ratings.

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Top 10 Anime of 2011

2011 was a fairly good year for anime, especially compared to 2010. There was actually strength in depth, rather than a few stand outs hiding a mountain of crap. Instead of doing some stupid award ceremony, giving awards to anime like Guilty Crown just because they had really good animation, I’m simply going to list […]

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Movember Roundup

News this month? Who cares, it’s moustache time!

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October Roundup

There is actual news this month, but none of it is particularly interesting. Funimation are teaming up with Nico Nico to provide streaming anime, but they’re not available outside of North America. The live action Hollywood version of Akira is apparently A Thing instead of threatening to become A Thing, but I don’t feel like […]

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September Roundup

No news again? Boy, sure has been quiet in anime fandom lately. So onto the ratings

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August Roundup

Yet another quiet news month. So instead I’m just going to rail against Black Rock Shooter in Noitamina again. Like, seriously guys? Also, I’m just back from holiday, so I’m behind on a lot of the anime I’m watching this season. This is also why this monthly roundup is a day late. As for movies, […]

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