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Shinmaru’s Top 30 Anime + tags

ok Turning Girls isn’t actually on my list, but i didn’t know what to use as a lead image and kaerun rules so fuck it The more anime I watch, the more the idea of ranking anime makes me uncomfortable. How the heck do I compare series with vastly different goals and methods of storytelling? […]

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Shinmaru’s Top 10 Anime of 2014

Keeping the run of cute folks pointing going strong!! Stop for a moment and listen to the air. There’s a fierce pounding in the distance. Whatever could it be? Why, it’s the rush of THE ACTUAL TOP 10 ANIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! I know my cohorts have already posted their lists, but they are scummy […]

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12 Days of Anime: 12 Tissues for Hunter x Hunter

ALREADY CAN’T HANDLE THIS Hello, friends! We’ve reached the time of year where anime blogger-type people the world round post about 12 of their favorite moments of anime throughout the year. This is, of course, flexible — as long as these moments came from anime you watched in 2014 (regardless of whether they first aired […]

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September 2014 Roundup

It’s finally over. A fantastic long-running anime series that started quite a while ago has ended. Two of us wrote about that show in our what’s hot section this week, with one of them of course being Shinmaru. How couldn’t we? It has been such an important part of our lives since it started. Oh […]

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Hunter x Hunter 148 – Enjoy the Little Detours

Ging made his son climb the tallest tree in this world to have the privilege of talking to him, but I guess he rewarded Gon sufficiently with some good stories and good life advice. I’d climb a tree for that! (Note: I would not make it to the top of the tree because I’m a […]

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Hello, we interrupt your family drama and political thriller for a koala giving a metaphysical confession. Enjoy. I’m probably not well-equipped enough to totally unpack what Koala was getting at and place it into some cool, interesting context (I am an uncultured brute, you see), but the basic point is not that tough to grasp: […]

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Hunter x Hunter 146 – Ging Is Father of the Year

“OH FUCK OH FUCK HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS ABORT ABORT” All credit to Ging, though: Once he got over the initial “HOW IN THE HELL DO I DEAL WITH A CRYING CHILD” hump, he actually gave Gon some good, basic advice. Take responsibility, try to better yourself and move forward. I mean, he […]

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Hunter x Hunter 145 – Yo, FUCK Pariston

Man, THIS fucking guy. At first I was ready to say, “This is some hot bullshit!” about Pariston’s predictions falling into place at the perfect time for him to take the election. But I thought about it a bit and realized that the point isn’t that everything falls into place for Pariston, but that he […]

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