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Fall 2013 Anime Season Preview

Last season I saw a rather depressing number of people saying something along the lines of “I didn’t expect anything from Silver Spoon and was really surprised when it turned out to be excellent”. Then again, if you pick your shows based on pictures on seasonal charts alone, how were you supposed to know it […]

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Tari Tari episode 1 – A drinking straw holds a thousand words (Scamp’s take)

Must not spend…entire post…comparing to….Hanasaku Iroha…oh fuck it, Hanasaku Iroha season 2 is here. Besides, it’s not like PA Works are making any effort to distinguish this from HanaIro. Even the character designs are basically the exact same. Except Tari Tari doesn’t have any curly hair so therefore is clearly the inferior anime. Also doesn’t […]

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September Roundup

No news again? Boy, sure has been quiet in anime fandom lately. So onto the ratings

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Hanasaku Iroha – A review of sorts

So hey, let’s talk Hanasaku Iroha. Hanasaku Iroha is a 26 episode s’life drama about a bunch of teenage girls with incredibly poor listening abilities working in an inn as waitresses while trying to overcome their crippling urge to yell at everything that they don’t immediately understand. Well, OK. This is a touch unfair. It’s […]

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August Roundup

Yet another quiet news month. So instead I’m just going to rail against Black Rock Shooter in Noitamina again. Like, seriously guys? Also, I’m just back from holiday, so I’m behind on a lot of the anime I’m watching this season. This is also why this monthly roundup is a day late. As for movies, […]

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July Roundup

No news. Only cartoons.

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June Roundup

Nothing particularly newsworthy happened this month in the world of anime. Well, except that I bought Baccano wooh! *cough* OK, anime ratings time.

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May Roundup

Closest thing to news this month would be the beginnings of the self-enforcement of Bill 156. However the only manga being shoved up to 18+ were smut like Aki Sora. Now perhaps this isn’t the ideal approach to such a subject, but when the only stuff being affected are smut, then I find it really […]

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