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Shinmaru’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

WAIT FUCK I HAVE TO MAKE A LIST WHEN I PROBABLY HAVEN’T WATCHED EVERYTHING THIS YEAR CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP My watching habits took a sharp turn in the second half of the year for personal reasons. I am rarely able to watch most of the shows in a given year that I might […]

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12 Days of Anime No. 4 – Tsubasa Learns

Gatchaman Crowds Insight‘s Tsubasa is someone I recognize deeply. I was her at one point in my life.

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What I Watched Last Season

Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve taken a long break for personal reasons I won’t go into here. I’m still not interested in writing about anime episodically for the time being (and I’m not sure I ever will again, even with the announcement of JoJo Part 4 anime being a thing), but I’d like to […]

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Summer 2015 First Impressions Bonanza No. 3!

Hi, have a picture of everyone’s favorite dancing machine, Disco Inferno. This will probably be the last of my update bonanza posts for the season. As you’ve likely noticed, second episodes are out in bunches, and I’m barely catching up on the first episodes I want to see. I’d like to start writing about a […]

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Gatchaman Crowds 12 – Just Don’t Look

Berg-Katze, so mad. This is the part of the post where I lament that I can’t find the clip of “Just Don’t Look” from the sixth “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons anywhere except somewhat shady sites that I don’t really trust. It’s totally relevant, because that’s basically how Berg-Katze is defeated in this […]

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Gatchaman Crowds 11 – The CROWDS of Justice

This is probably how I would react if I could see live comments on the screen as I streamed something. This episode does a nice job of making the prime minister sympathetic. I feel like this will be me in like 20 or 30 years trying to connect with some crazy technology that has passed […]

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Gatchaman Crowds 10 – A Foolproof Plan

Yeah, that’ll work splendidly. Final showdown initiated! Interesting that it’s basically a big brawl to start, though I suppose Hajime never indicated she was totally against battle (that I remember, anyway). She’s still more of a help and understanding type, and her battle plan is in line with these — stun the Crowds so that […]

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Gatchaman Crowds 9 – Turning Off Twitter Is the Solution to All Life’s Problems

EAT IT, SOCIAL MEDIA I do enjoy that this is a war for hearts and minds that’s playing out over social media. Both Berg-Katze’s Neo Hundred and the Gatchaman crew battle for control of YouTube, Niconico and the like. Who will win? Why, whoever gets the most views, likes, comments, and subscriptions, of course! This […]

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