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Top 10 Moments of HATE 2011

Today is the worst day in the entire year, as it is the furthest away from Christmas. Keeping in the spirit this depressing day, as well as keeping with tradition as I did a similar post last year, it’s time to wrap up the top 10 moments in anime that caused me to rage in […]

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The readers have spoken part 1

So as I said in my last post, I sent out a question on formspring asking people what I should write about. Then, in turn, I write my responses in this post, like Answerman or Ask John, except I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. There was quite a lot of questions, so I’m […]

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Fractale episode 11 (finale) and Final Review

I suppose I better write about the final episode of Fractale. That was shit. Can I go home now? All right, I’ll do a full review of the series.

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March Roundup

On March 11th, Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake. The actual earthquake itself caused rather minimal damage due to the crazy abilities of the builders there, but the resulting tsunami devastated the north east coast. It was a bit surreal watching the news updates, with headlines like ‘Entire Town of 10,000 Goes Missing’ and […]

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Fractale episode 10

Dear Fractale. You suck. Yours sincerely: someone who always knew you weren’t very good but was still astounded by how low you sunk in this episode.

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Fractale episode 9

Zzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuto! (Constipated Nessa is moe).

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Fractale episode 8

I do enjoy how Nessa floats through the air like a kite when Clain grabs her and pulls her away from the baddies. I guess she is a doppel and therefore real physics don’t apply to her. Either that, or they’re applying Gundam space physics here. You know, Gundam space physics. The one where you […]

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Fractale episode 7

I swear this was a scene from Now and Then, Here and There. I was just waiting for the Hamdo lookalike to turn around and give his faithful female follower the back of the hand treatment. I should probably stop referencing N&T,H&T since it’s rather on the obscure side and I doubt many of my […]

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