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Fall 2012 Anime Season Preview

And Lo’, the Lord did give unto him the 3 Laws of Season Previews: Everything is interesting until proven otherwise. Going in with a closed mind is the surest way to miss out on the Next Big Thing. There is no such thing as a sure-fire hit. Everything has a chance of sucking. Good staff […]

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Top 10 Moments of HATE 2011

Today is the worst day in the entire year, as it is the furthest away from Christmas. Keeping in the spirit this depressing day, as well as keeping with tradition as I did a similar post last year, it’s time to wrap up the top 10 moments in anime that caused me to rage in […]

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Bakuman season 2 episode 1

Oh no, not again. There’s something a little bit worrying about the fact that the first episode of the Bakuman sequel has been my favourite episode of the season so far. Come on the rest of you new anime, you can’t allow yourself to be beaten by bloody Bakuman.

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Fall 2011 Anime Season Preview

This upcoming anime season sucks compared to my ridiculously high standards. The only ones I’m looking forward to is this adaptation of a manga I’m reading that isn’t finished yet so I’ll complain about the adaptation having an original ending, and a sequel. Is it my imagination, or has every season been getting worse since […]

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March Roundup

On March 11th, Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake. The actual earthquake itself caused rather minimal damage due to the crazy abilities of the builders there, but the resulting tsunami devastated the north east coast. It was a bit surreal watching the news updates, with headlines like ‘Entire Town of 10,000 Goes Missing’ and […]

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Bakuman episode 24

I could go on about how utterly dreadful Bakuman’s romance is for yet another episode, but what would be the point in that? I’ve covered that enough already and will cover it again in the final review. Instead, I want to talk about what it is that Bakuman does well for a change.

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Bakuman episode 23

I read somewhere that JC Staff were one of the few animation studios directly damaged by the earthquake. As in, they were hit by more than just the rolling power outages. You know, a few shelves get knocked over, a couple of jam sandwiches fall off tables, that sort of thing. Yet they were back […]

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Bakuman episode 22

I was delighted to see Nizuma come back into the picture again, which is strange since his purpose hasn’t really changed beyond ‘make funny noises’. But if it’s funny noises that Bakuman needs to entertain me, then I’ll take all the funny noises I can get over romances that don’t exist lalala.

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