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Winter 2012 Anime Season Preview

Ya’ll ready for another round of Senjogahara Fascination? Welcome to the world famous (not really) Cart Driver Season Preview. I usually kick off these posts with some sort of satirical mocking of the ‘everything sucks’ crowd, but since I shall be making a similar statement throughout the course of this post, it would perhaps be […]

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The difference between Fanservice and Sexy

Fanservice does not just mean boobs and panties. It’s anything that has nothing to do with the story and is only there to please the fans. An example would be showing a shot of an older character who has nothing to do with this plot, but the fans happen to like. Say, for example, the […]

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Favourite Anime Characters

This is the 500th post I’ve written since starting blogging, so I figured I should celebrate the occasion with something a bit more substantial than a boring Bakuman episodic. So I settled on a simple list. The second most ‘important’ one after the top anime list. My favourite anime characters of all time.

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The 12 Worst Moments in Anime 2010

Today is the day that’s the furthest away from Christmas. There’s no day more perfect for talking about depressing subjects. 12 moments in anime I watched this year that caused me to rage. Scenes in anime that made me double facepalm at the time and continue to make me facepalm whenever I think about them […]

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Those that just missed out

My top 30 is a continuous project. There’s always more great anime out there I haven’t watched, and more great anime getting made. However a comment by Janette pointed out that it would be a shame to lose what I’ve written about those anime that drop off the top 30 list. So that’s what this […]

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June Roundup

Since these monthly roundups are meant to be something of a time-capsule for what the current anime season was like at this place in time, I’ve decided to lead each monthly roundup post with whatever big news happened in anime over the past month. The only big piece of news I can think of is […]

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February Roundup

There are two anime at the moment (plus one episode from a series that should’ve been out long ago but was enjoyable nevertheless) that stand far above everything else this season, leaving this monthly roundup post looking oddly lopsided. On the balance of things, I can’t really decide if I prefer only one or two […]

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Lets honestly consider the idea of this anime genderswapped

Artist Genderswapping is an amusing gimmick artists often partake in, the most popular of all being The Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya. Asides from the original laughs you get from the images, how often do you stop to think how the dynamics of the show in question would change. We would get a hot and haughty […]

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