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The Cart Driver is an anime blog. Anime looks something like this:

You should probably watch anime.


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Brief History

The earliest posts on this blog were not originally posted on The Cart Driver. These were written by I, the great and mighty Scamp, on my old team blog Bokutachi no Blog. I joined Bokutachi no Blog in July 2008, but eventually felt the need to move away from team blogging. So on Christmas day 2009, I started The Cart Driver. Then in June 2012, in flagrant disregard for my earlier feelings on team blogging, I brought in two new co-writers: Shinmaru and Inushinde. Together we make the super sentai team of The Cart Driver. Aren’t we wonderful~!

Why the name?

The Cart Driver is a character that appeared in the last episode of Code Geass R2. His total screentime amounted to about 1 second and yet his appearance spawned off phenomenal arguments amongst anime fandom. The tiniest morsel thrown out by the creators was seized upon by those who didn’t want to believe what happened in the ending. He became a symbol of their belief. The Cart Driver may have had limited time to shine in the actual anime, but it was the internet fandom that brought him to fame. The internet gave this character a new dimension, which was quite an achievement considering he didn’t have a dimension before that.

So what does the Cart Driver have to do with this blog? I’ve twisted its meaning several times to suit whatever mood I’m in at the time. It’s a symbol of encouraging discussion of anime (those who might never have got involved with forums before were suddenly battling it out with seasoned veterans, convinced their own version of events on that last episode were correct). I’ve also used to it symbolise the extra dimension discussing anime can have on the actual anime itself. But mainly the reason I have the name is because I love the ending to Geass R2 and wanted to show my love for the series that was mainly only getting people shouting ‘LOL CODE TRAINWRECK’.


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  • I will always try to credit the artist for any work.  If you have any problem with your art being displayed here then inform me and I will remove it ASAP. Which reminds me, this is the artist’s page for that awesome Guu and Freddy image that tops this page.
  • Don’t ask where you can download or find anime in general. Do it yourself you lazy bums.
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