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12 moments in anime #1: Saying farewell to Bokutachi no Blog

Yes folks. This is my last post I shall ever make on Bokutachi no Blog. Over the course of the last 18 months I’ve made 180 posts (kinda cool how that rounded off so well) and I finally felt it was time to me to leave. After a year and a half writing as part of a team, I eventually decided that I wanted to fly solo. You can follow me on my new blog, The Cart Driver, but for now let me reminisce on my time I’ve spent here. Forgive me if I get a bit corny.

I still have the e-mail I sent Brian two years ago. I could show it to you guys but no, I am far too embarrassed by my level of noobidity, but if I tell you that I used the word ‘baka’ you might understand where I’m coming from. Yikes, did WordPress ever baffle someone so unversed in the ways on the internet. In fact I still haven’t really learned how to work all these various things that surround the text box I’m writing in now. There is no 4 letter combination that strikes more fear into my heart than html. *shudders*

After the dip in hits after Brian and Loba went on hiatus around October last year, the site has grown slowly but steadily. Like a woman will never tell you her weight, a blogger will never tell you his stats, but let me give you this interesting bit of information. The search term ‘bokutachi no blog’ is the 14th most searched term to find our website of all time. However if you were to look at just the last 3 months, it’s the 5th most searched term. That should give you an idea at how the name has grown and how the site has stamped its own personality into the blogsphere. To give you a slightly edited version of the history of the site, I’ve recently updated the epic history of Bokutachi no Blog, if epic tales are your kind of thing.

Once upon a time I had an idea for anime blogging. An Anime Blogger Apprenticeship site. Newbie bloggers would join the site, write there for 6 months and then receive their certificate. The site would solve all sorts of newbie blogger problems. Surrounded by other writers, you can learn off others and also learn what not to do as you see other newbies fall. With maybe some senior person running the site, they would thrive of each other, commenting on each others posts (something that most newbie bloggers sorely need). With the site well-known, this also means their work is open to the world, with a clear separation between each writer and a separate feed for each. When they leave after their 6 month training, they could either be ‘hired’ by established team blogs or start a blog of their own, with their badge proudly showing they were a graduate from the Anime Bloggers Apprenticeship.

Of course, the idea is riddled with flaws, as I’m sure you can see yourself. But take the basic idea of a new blogger starting out their journey on a team blog and eventually to leave once he has found his feet and you’ve got the basic idea of why I’m leaving, (albeit a year longer than I had originally suggested). When I started blogging, it was purely on a whim. I wanted to share my thoughts to other anime fans. Looking back at my early posts is a bit of an embarrassing experience. But I learned. Very slowly, my posts improved, I got better at conveying my thoughts and my jokes were actually capable of making people laugh. But most of all I learned how much I loved doing this. In the same way my anime obsession has only shown signs of increasing, as has my thirst for anime blogging. But being the egotistical prick I am, I felt the need to have a space of my own. To move we forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom…errr…yeeeaaaah…

It’s a bit surreal to nobody be a complete noob in the anime blogging world. To see a blog that you remember reading when it first started and thinking “meh, he’s not very interesting at all” to go on and become some of my favourite anime bloggers around, it makes me feel a bit old. 18 months may seem quite young to some of you who’ve been around for 3+ years but damn, I feel pretty old right about now. So my advice to newbie bloggers is to keep chugging away at it. You will improve, the aniblogsphere is constantly changing with old blogs dying and newer bloggers taking their place. Learn from those around you and create your own stamp on the field. But remember, this won’t happen overnight. Give it…oooh, I’d say about 6 months?

I’m hanging up my Team Zero jacket. Farewell Brian and co. As for the people who enjoyed my posts, I hope to see you over on The Cart Driver.


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