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12 Days of Anime #2: And the Beat Goes On …


Depending on the day you ask me, I might say Shrade is my favorite character in Aquarion EVOL. I love the way he carries himself, his playful interactions with Cayenne are consistently entertaining, and he’s just so damn theatrical and cool. How could anyone not love this guy? Most of all, though, I love how intensely visual his segments of EVOL often are. Think, for instance, of the flashback to his unhappy childhood, so fraught with intense, stylish visuals and symbolism, and on the razor’s edge of despair.

(Aquarion EVOL spoilers within.)

Shrade has a power that is desperately screaming to be released; however, he can never express himself because his power physically damages himself and everyone around him (though he learns to better control this). It’s dangerous. Because of this, Shrade lives in isolation on campus and basically has to force the school leaders to let him fight when it’s clear his unique abilities are the most advantageous in certain battles.

What really gets to me about Shrade is how dignified he is. He carries himself with such grace and charm even though his plight is pretty shitty. It’s easy to see how much it hurts him to not fight with his friends and help them out, but he never makes a show of it. That’s why it’s so great when does force himself into battle, and that adds so much extra weight to his sacrifice near the end of the series. Even when Shrade does fight, he always holds something back, because if he pushes himself to the limit, he will die. Doesn’t matter. Shrade gives himself to open the way for Amata to find Mikono once again, and in doing so, he engraves himself upon the world, just as he always wanted.

Shrade, you’re one cool motherfucker.

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    shradexcayenne 4 lyfe yo

  2. TheVoid
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    Shrade was definitely a favorite. Even after death comes for him he’s able to live on and help make Aquarion Geparda in the finale.

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