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12 Days of Anime #2: A voice actress meeting

shirobako-episode-14-16There were 2 contenders for my potential Shirobako 12 Days article. The other one was the moment in the second last episode where they reveal which voice actress they chose for the new role. It was a moment that put a perfect cap on everything the series had been working towards (and then proceeded to have a boring and slightly pointless final episode, which has been something of an unfortunate trend in anime lately). The moment though I’m actually going for was just after the halfway point when the key staff working on the anime got together with industry representatives to decide who were going to be the newest voice actresses for their new roles.

The entire sequence might just be one of the funniest in anime history, mostly because you could feel the frustration on the part of the staff. The best comedy comes from anger and frustration, a slightly irritating factor when you’re trying to write funny articles on a variety of topics but it’s the negative ones people invariably gravitate towards. But it’s true, there’s a cathartic release you can almost feel when someone vents their frustration in a comedic manner.

The scene felt like the producers had sat in similar meetings and seen these dumb arguments be brought up. How they would all reach a consensus on who would be the best person to play this new role, only to have industry reps storm in and push forward someone with no experience or talent for the role because they’re trying to push this person’s idol career. The one guy whose entire argument for his suggestion came down to “but dat ass” was a personal favourite. The discussion had so much energy you could practically feel, once the episode had ended, that it was a personal release for the staff who wrote it.

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  1. Ramiel
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    YES! that scene had me rolling too

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