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12 Days of Anime #11: Polar Bear in Drag and/or Pandaface (Also Penguins)


Yeah, that header image isn’t exactly indicative of this post’s actually contents, but tell me that’s not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day. I mean it’s a baby penguin in a Santa hat trundling alongside an uglier, dopier penguin with a Rudolph nose and oh my god is there anything more precious and inoffensive? There are a few things in this world that resonate with humanity no matter how detached, decrepit, and deprived their souls are, and that’s near the top of the list.

As a whole, Polar Bear Cafe has been a consistently entertaining wellspring of comedy, if only because it’s hard to go wrong with animals trying to do people stuff. There are many moments from the season that should make at least one of these lists: the requisite baseball episode, one of the many episodes that focus on Penguin’s ineptitude in everything that’s not begging for attention or catching fish, and any one where Llama or Sloth play a central role. Really, it’s hard to go wrong.

However, the one thing that has me fairly convinced that the largest obstacle between mankind and total societal devolution is a lone polar bear who’s daring enough to go out clad like a panda, in drag, or both, and that’s why he’s #11 on this list. Whether it’s so he can (unsuccessfully) achieve greater concealment of his overwhelming arctic presence or for the purpose of making a point about the mutability of boundaries between species and genders, you can always count on Polar Bear to splotch black on his fur and don a dress like a champ when the situation calls for it. I mean how do you know that life is worth living unless you show up everywhere with monochromatic fur? He lets me know that everything is going to be okay.



I’d just like to take this post to praise this unsung hero who simultaneously manages to disturb and amuse us with his choices, and say that in no way is this a hasty last-minute addition just so I can plug the undiluted cuteness of those penguins. To insinuate otherwise would be just silly.

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