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12 Days of Anime #1: The #1 Character in the #1 Show of the Year


Okay I’m just fucking with y’all, it’s Hana from Prison School. Even I don’t think that highly of Sore ga Seiyuu, the poor man’s Shirobako made by a poor man’s studio about poor man’s voice actors, that had more than a poor man’s quality.

Prison School quite simply made comedic victimization into an art form. Nobody in the show is entirely innocent, but nobody deserves to be continuously shat and/or pissed on either. Despite numerous examples, mostly involving Gakuto or Meiko, Hana and her bizarre quest to revenge-piss on a dude is where the show shines the brightest for me.


She’s far from realistic, but the show plays that up well by gladly poking fun at her, but not doing so in a way that’s overly mean, or that portrays her as overly mean. Hana’s not cruel for the sake of it, she just has no idea what the fuck to do in response to being (accidentally) violated. When her and her friends are busted for their misdeeds, it’s their being very human (if exaggerated) fuck-ups that keeps them firmly in the sympathetic camp, even as they’re thrown into prison stripes by the ass-loving arm of justice.

The way the show takes its adolescence-tinged, usually trivial conflicts seriously is what makes these moments of almost cartoonishly naive reasoning so damn good. Prison School doesn’t downplay any of its absurdity, and that’s what makes it so damn tense and oddly touching when it shouldn’t have the right to be. The fact that none of it comes across as morally peculiar is a feat in and of itself, and something that will keep me warm on what remains of this balls-cold Christmas.

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