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Bokumachi and Candy Bar Theft: Grand Theft Chocolato


I doubt I’m going to ruffle any feathers when I say that Bokumachi isn’t exactly a show with a dedication to realism. That assumption should have gotten thrown out the first time that Satoru went back in time to prevent something bad from happening. And if it didn’t for you, I’m kind of curious about the life that you live. Yet, in a show that features time travel, characters acting suspicious, and a murderer trying to cover his tracks around the time that his case’s statute of limitations would have run out, the least realistic part is a man having his life ruined by suspected theft of a candy bar. Read More »

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The First Death in Grimgar: Grimming in My Gar, the Grims They Will Not Gar


In defiance of all expectations, something with the standards-drowning name of Grimgar is actually pretty understated in its depiction of the unceremonious quickness of death. So much so that there isn’t even a potentially goofy image of anime characters crying. Unfortunately, it’s a little too understated in this episode, to the extent that what should be an impactful moment comes across as underwhelming. Spoiler alert: There are spoilers ahead. Read More »

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Grimgar & Goblins: Viva Torture


For how often people are beaten, maimed, killed, or just plain hurt in anime, it doesn’t tend to dwell on the agony that tends to result from being run through by foreign objects. Even shows that try to be mature focus on the result of suffering more than the suffering itself. Hell, the last show that I remember with non-cartoonish torture is the otherwise cartoonish Samurai Flamenco—the same show that pulled from the ether a gorilla with a guillotine in its stomach whose name escapes me at the moment (Choppy Chimp? Katana Kapuchin? Blade Baboon?).

Unless it’s to drive home some kind of point (which Samurai Flamenco kind of, sort of, in the right light, does), forcing characters to endure agony for the sake of enduring agony tends to be a bad decision. Grimgar manages it thanks to three reasons: The thing being hurt isn’t actually human, their second attempt to kill it is even more clumsy and painful to watch than the first, and it emphasizes the reluctance of the characters to go out of their way to harm a goblin that was otherwise minding its own business. Read More »

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Bokumachi Episode 2: Bleak is the New Great


Okay, so remember how I didn’t care much for BokuMachi? Well I didn’t care much for BokuMachi. Even now I can’t quite place what about it doesn’t work for me insofar as the bigger picture goes. Still, the second episode does a couple of things really well, and it should be commended even as it languidly attempts to tug at my heart’s desiccated strings. Incidentally, I should probably see a doctor about my heart having strings. Read More »

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Winter Anime 2015 First Impressions: Luck and Logic, Dimension W and some sequels

Durarara x2 Ketsu - 01 - Large 27While I beat Inushinde to the punch to write about that fantastic Rakugo anime, he beat me in writing about that time-travelling manga author show, aka the other really good anime this season (even if a little part of me secretly preferred Dagashi Kashi aka Candy Crush). So now I jump back into the pile of Other Stuff. Thankfully there’s that cool sequel show about the headless motorcycle riding Irish fairy…and that other sequel about bunny girl raping. Yay anime?

Read More »

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Grimgar First Impressions: The Moral Peculiarity of MMOs


Anime titles tend to be utilitarian things, serving only to distinguish a work, without necessarily speaking for the content. There are a few exceptions though, where a title communicates everything about the show without actually spelling it out in classic light novel format. Grimgar is heir to this noble tradition. It’s grim, it’s fantasy, and there are flames which naturally lead to ash. It conveys tone with refreshing conciseness, a tone that the show itself seeks to set up right from the start. Read More »

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Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 1: It’s Hard to Get Good Screenshots of Bokumachi Therefore it Sucks


Thanks to the unfairness of abiding by a consistent sleep schedule and being way more diligent about actually writing about things in a timely manner, Scamp beat me to the punch on Rakugo Shinjuu, which I might actually consider writing on if later episodes keep up the same quality present here. So here are my thoughts on Bokumachi, another good show involving criminals Read More »

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Winter Anime 2015 First Impressions: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Dagashi Kashi and even more shorts

[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 01 [7CD8C64B].mkv_snapshot_21.12_[2016.01.08_21.17.00]I had forgotten first impressions posts usually go this way. You write impressions of the first few series that air and try to act like there’s some promise here, then some actually good anime come out and suddenly those other anime look a hell of a lot weaker in comparison. I had two of these anime mentally bookmarked as potential points of interest before the season started and both of them far exceeded my expectations, which was nice.

Read More »

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