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July 2014 Roundup

All anime are better with giant robots. In this case the giant robot is dramatic lighting, which makes the scene better. Theory holds trueIn this monthly roundup, Shinmaru, Inushinde and myself will express our feelings for our favourite anime through the medium of interpretive dance.


There you go. Now you don’t need any words. Well OK maybe a few words then.

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Hunter x Hunter 140 – What’s Ging’s Favorite Drink?


My sources say chocolate milk. He’s definitely not a fan of punch.

I love that nobody gives a shit that some random Hunter (from their point of view) assaulted one of the highest-ranking Hunters in the world. Or, rather, they do give a shit — about the entertainment value. Finally something happens during one of these stuffy election meetings! Can we punch more people?! Pretty sure Ging let that punch hit him, too. I bet he could’ve avoided or blocked the punch had he actually wanted to. Deep down, though, he knows he’s being a total asshole. He’s doing everything he can to avoid being a responsible father — he’d have to be pretty dense to not know something’s wrong. So that punch is a bit of light punishment for Ging.

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: A Touching Story of Inexplicable Gladiatorial Death Matches and Overly-Deranged Villains


The more that I watch Tokyo Ghoul, in all of its heavily-censored, meandering, not-so-vaguely homoerotic glory, the more it brings back fond memories of my Vampire: The Masquerade days back in middles chool. I’m like those people who whittled away countless hours of their life in online games latching onto Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, in that past experience makes me forgive a lot of what the show doesn’t do well. Except I’m more in the right, because Tokyo Ghoul isn’t all that bad a show, and Vampire: The Masquerade is rad. Read More »

11 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 17 – Keep the Change

YouTube Preview Image

Shinmaru: I consider myself a pacifist for the most part. I’m not really one to beat up on people or to think that beating up on people is the correct approach to solve most problems. Even if I like accidentally hurt someone, I PROFUSELY apologize, because I’m a giant weenie. All that said, MAN is it satisfying to see Jotaro and Star Platinum beat the hell out of Steely Dan for nearly half a minute. I wonder if anyone could go through that scene frame-by-frame and see if Star Platinum actually hits Steely Dan with exactly 1,000 punches. That would be some crazy attention to detail.

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11 CommentsAnime Analysis / By Scamp /

Returning to: Kaiba

[F-B_Ureshii]_Kaiba_-_02_[AAC-H264-720p][118ADC15].mkv_snapshot_13.13_[2014.06.06_17.07.10]If you want real massive anime boob action, you don’t go to Eiken. You go to Kaiba.

As I outlined in my last anniversary post, I’m planning to return to a bunch of my old favourite anime, although it feels weird to call something from the spring 2008 season ‘old’. That was the first season I started watching a whole load of anime as it came out in Japan. I remember being pretty stoked about how good Kurenai started out, being blown away by the animation quality in Soul Eater, watching To-Love-Ru and questioned what the fuck I was doing with my life, and a sequel to a little known 2006 show that this blog is named after. Then there was the weird Dr Seuss-looking cartoon called Kaiba.

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28 CommentsHunter X Hunter / By Shinmaru /

Hunter x Hunter 139 – A Little Kiss


See, Alluka’s not ALL horrible murder powers! There’s cute stuff, too!

This episode builds on some more background details that I bet are in no way super controversial and lead to long, tiresome Internet Debates, but we’ll leave that stuff for later. What I really like about this episode is how it builds on the previous episode and uses the flashbacks to define Alluka’s relationship with Killua, Illumi and Milluki, and that it also casts Killua’s upbringing in an entirely new light (and makes it just a bit sadder). Lot of great character work done quite seamlessly. It’s impressive.

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20 CommentsAnime Analysis / By Inushinde /

Sword Art Online II Episode 3: A Fear of Finger-Banging


To fill space in lieu of Aldnoah-dot-Zero not being very bloggable, I’m going to resume something I did on my old blog and write weekly about an episode of any show that does something good, bad, or just distinct enough to warrant analyzing. This week, SAOII Episode 3 has Sinon reduced from a potentially interesting figure to a gibbering wreck at the sight of a delinquent girl making her fingers into a gun, proving that Sword Art Online is the best at rendering otherwise fine concepts offensive to all sensibilities when filtered through the lens of Kawahara Reki. Read More »

16 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 16 – A Fantastic Voyage into Joseph Joestar


Shinmaru: Man, when this little guy said he wanted to “pick Joseph Joestar’s brain,” I thought he just wanted to interview him!

I remember this being one of my favorite Stand fights in this part because it’s so different from the norm. As good as JoJo is when it presents a good puzzle for its grapplers to solve before they can beat the shit out of the opponent, I like it more when the story strays a bit and shows off a more unorthodox fight. It’s a simple idea: Steely Dan can’t be punched because that damage will be paid back with interest to whomever his Stand has invaded. His Stand is weak physically, but the psychological control that threat represents makes his Stand actually worth a shit. Along with these weirder fights, I enjoy the JoJo battles where the heroes come up against a Stand that theoretically should be really dumb and weak, but because of the way it’s used it’s actually dangerous.

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