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The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 7 – Moeblob and the boob queen

Arslan Senki - 07 - Large 06On the last post I did a commenter asked what it was I even liked about Arslan. Apparently I have been more vocal about the parts I dislike than the parts I like. I know, right? Me, negative? Never! I hadn’t thought I was being too negative, but nevertheless to show that one guy I can have fun too and fill the next post entirely with things I love about this series and why I’m totally excited about everything about it.

And then Arslan went and introduced two of the dumbest characters so far, felt off tonally, had the worst animation so far and generally made me wonder if I did honestly still like the series. Welp, maybe that one commenter was right then.

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Code Geass episodes 21-25 – I could tell you to kill the Japanese

cc is distraughtBefore we even begin on Bloodstained Euphie, let’s talk about episode 21 and anime’s tendency to air the goofiest episodes right before the most insane dark episodes. Or alternatively right after. You know that if you have an episode in which the most memorable moment is when a giant robot making the world’s biggest pizza panics and drops the pizza on a nearby tree, that the next episode will probably have have the cast die or something. But while we have this brief moment of fun before all hell truly breaks loose, let us appreciate the look of horror and disappointment on C.C’s face as she watches the pizza drop onto the tree. The dramatic pull in to her expression, swooping score followed by a silent, forlorn muttering of the word “…pizza”.

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Blood Blockade Battlefront 6-7 – A Cute Lil Mushroom Friend and Burgers and Knuckles

blood-blocakde-battlefront-flying-monstersOne of the most enjoyable background details in Blood Blockade Battlefront: Monsters flying around in the background like cute birds during conversations or montages. The giant worm slinking in the background while Leo and Zapp shoot the shit and eat burgers got a nice laugh out of me (and would’ve been the lead screenshot if not for the subs, alas). These little fellas flapping around while Leo and his Cthulhu mushroom buddy snack on fast food and practice martial arts poses are pretty great, as well. Giant flying monsters ain’t a big deal. They’re basically pigeons.

(Just as a reminder: I’m combining episodes 6 and 7 of BBB into one post, because I was quite busy with personal stuff last week. This shouldn’t happen in the future, hopefully! I wrote the bit about episode 6 before watching episode 7, for everyone’s information.)

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The Heroic Legend Legend of Arslan episode 6 – Santa loses his head

Arslan Senki - 06 - Large 02This isn’t how I expected to see this character again. I suppose at least he still looks cool. It’s hard to look cool when you have no arms from which to pose with, as we learned from Jojo’s. But Arabian Santa Claus manages it. I wonder if the King will still look cool with his head chopped off, or will he instead have his tongue lolling out with a derp look on his face, like a female character in NTR porn. Now that’s a weird image I won’t get out of my head.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 43 – Ice Loses His Cool

dicksBUTTS– no wait these are straight up penises

By the way, apologies for being extremely tardy with a new Blood Blockade Battlefront post. I’ve been super busy with various things this week. I’m late enough that I’ve decided to combine last week’s and this week’s BBB into one post. I still haven’t watched last week’s episode so I have no idea if that will be natural, but whatever. Circumstances!

Anyway, this week’s JoJo has a tearful farewell between a lecherous dork and a farting dog.

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Knights of Sidonia S2 Episode 5: A Boy and his Blob


Say what you will about Knights of Sidonia treating Tanikaze as a sort of blank slate savior, but he has one of the most interesting stables of romantic interests in anime. There’s the girl who can be a guy or girl, there’s the pink-haired clones, there’s the dead love interest from the first season, the alien placenta that’s taken on her likeness, and now a sentient piece of albino taffy that in turn has been made from part of that alien placenta. They may all have the combined personality of… well, a piece of albino taffy, but physically things couldn’t be more diverse. Read More »

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Code Geass episodes 17-20 – I will now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish

fish timeYou’ve seen this screengrab before haven’t you, except with some choice subtitles under it. In the scene in question, Suzaku doesn’t even say anything. He has just jumped up from the water after having caught a fish. At most he breaths a little heavily and looks around wondering if he’s dropped his nipples in the water. There’s no time for a big subtitle to be dropped in. Throw in some other famous dodgy fansub screengrabs like Notto Disu Shitto Agen, going back to Geass and seeing these random scenes in actual context is a little weird. Not least seeing Euphemia as an actual character with an understandable arc, fears and dreams, and not just the one thing everyone remembers her for.

But that happens in the next batch of episodes. For now let’s talk about everyone’s fish masturbator Suzaku and his fine arse again.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 42 – Is The Cart Driver the Best Anime Blog Ever?

jojos-bizarre-adventure-jotaro-yes-yes-yesWhy, thank you, Jotaro! You’re a swell fellow.

It’s kind of hilarious how quickly the tables turned on D’Arby in this episode. That’s what he gets for having a Stand that’s only useful in specific situations and planning his entire attack around that. There is a nice sense of irony that someone who cheats by looking into people’s souls and determining what they will do is undone by placing so much trust in the soul and ignoring everything. See what absolute belief in the soul gets you? Y’all don’t want to get punched real hard a lot, do you?

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