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Cinderella Girls and Letting Dreams Change: Why Bunny Girl Depression is Great


I never thought I’d get so into the context behind an insufferable bunny-eared girl crying, but here I am praising just that only a day or so before the newest episode. I’ll just pretend that I haven’t been working on this post on and off for two weeks, and just wanted to get it out before more content possibly makes it obsolete. Thank you for getting more alright, Cinderella Girls Season Two. Read More »

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MAL articles roundup #3 – School Live thematic analysis

Gakkou Gurashi - 07 - Large 22Another week, another MAL posts roundup. Still working my way into things, but I’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm of 3 episodics and one analytical post per week. Might even bump it up to 2 non-episodics per week once I get my schedule sorted out. As I write the season preview for this site, I’m sure I can use the knowledge from there to write several posts for MAL. Oh yeah, that season preview is still coming. Anyway, here’s what I wrote last week.

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MAL articles roundup #2 – More episodics and predicting the next megahit

vlcsnap-2015-08-18-15h15m21s957Some loser showing off his Splatoon Miiverse post.

More MAL articles as I continue to try get the hang of this “working for the man” thing. I’ve asked about comments on articles as well as RSS feeds for individual authors. Comments sound like they are coming, just not yet as they work all this coding out for the new site features being rolled out. RSS feeds weren’t originally planned, but they sounded open to the idea so watch this space. For now though, here’s what I’ve been writing.

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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 6: I See Dead (Spoiler Alert)


Holy shit I never would have seen this particular reveal coming… if it weren’t for a few dutiful commenters. Of course it isn’t any less chilling, because something done well with sufficient build-up will still be good, regardless of whether you know it’s coming. That’s why every time I see the Garfield phone in Ninja Terminator I feel like all is right with the world. Gakkou Gurashi abides by the same principle, except it replaces Richard Harrison talking to a crime lord with a girl talking to people in blood-covered classrooms, one of whom may or may not exist. Exactly the same principle. Read More »

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Gakkou Gurashi and GATE Combo: Dawn of the Apocalypse Now


I’ve wanted to talk for awhile about GATE aping the iconic helicopter approach of Apocalypse Now, and how it was incorporated into the larger picture with the grace of… well, a helicopter gunning down overzealous Conan the Barbarian cosplayers. I’ve also wanted to write something about this latest arc of Gakkou Gurashi that wasn’t just me repeating variants of “it’s good but I can’t really write much on it”. Now I can do both by talking about one anime that has a really really awkward reference to an iconic scene in an equally iconic film, and one that adapts a well-used trope in a way that fits contextually. It’s a tenuous connection, but work with me here. Read More »

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MAL articles roundup #1 – Classroom Crisis, Shimoneta and Durarara

1438444557-ea26e9b1d5dd1a37d3882d198cbfc4d2A roundup of the articles I’ve submitted to MAL over the past few weeks. I haven’t quite decided how I’ll do this yet so I’d be interested to hear some feedback from blog readers. I don’t know yet if there will be a separate feed for just my posts, nor if they will have comments on the articles yet, so for now this is the best way to get in touch and comment on the posts in question. My current plan is for to post a quick roundup of everything I’ve written for MAL each week and link them here. But this will be a changing space so I’ll keep you lot informed accordingly.

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July 2015 Roundup

vlcsnap-2015-08-03-15h34m32s410All right, it’s back to your regularly scheduled blogging. After spending the past month getting to grips with my newfound freedom at MAL, it’s back to The Cart Driver Dot Com to join my fellow writers in telling everyone what you should watch this season. Except you should only listen to me. And Inushinde too for this month at least. Just not Shinmaru.

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Non Non Biyori Repeat Episode 4: Of Shrimp and First Graders in Creepy Costumes


Like Ren-chon, my first encounter with the death of a beloved pet came in first grade, with a small aquatic animal that I took way more pride in than I had any right to. Except instead of it being a bunch of shrimp that didn’t do anything but be cute in unique shrimpy ways, it was an asshole fish that at one point ate his tank-mate to the bone, leaving me with even less of an excuse for crying when it died. I guess the point of that lead-up is twofold: Kids will cry over anything, and I’m literally a grown up, male, non-purple-haired, non-Japanese, city-slicking Ren-chon. Read More »

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