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Gen Urobuchi’s Puppet Show Thunderbolt Fantasy is Kind of Awesome (MAL article)

tumblr_obtcnlDROq1scxk8yo5_1280I’ve been watching a whole lot of Thunderbolt Fantasy lately since it’s on Crunchyroll. Let me tell you it’s a pretty goddamn amazing show. So much so that I decided to write a piece for MAL about why you should all go watch it. What has surprised me most is how solid the dialogue is, even if a lot of it is “mwahaha I shall cut you down as soon as I stop talking which admittedly I’m not going to do anytime soon”. Turns out having Gen Urobuchi as a scriptwriter is generally a boon for any TV show. It’s sure a hell of a lot better than Gargantia or Aldnoah Zero.

Oh yeah, also it’s a puppet show. At some point I probably should mention that. Wonder if this makes it ineligible for anime of the year awards?

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Why Did People Hate the Second Half of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress? (MAL Article)

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - 10 - Large 09I wrote a thing for MAL. I used to write these MAL article roundup posts but at some point they stopped making sense when I was writing primarily listicles. However the type of stuff I’ve been tasked to write has changed a little (a bit more attention grabbing, shocking headline type pieces), so it makes more sense to put up a post over here where I can get some comments. Plus it makes this blog look alive again!

Poor old Kabaneri. I stopped writing about it here right before Biba appeared and the show started to suck. At least I can leave those episodics around and pretend the show was always a fun action show like it was in the first half. MAL agreed judging by how the score plummeted from the low 8’s to the mid 7’s. That’s a pretty extreme drop.

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We need more lightning to back up this sweetness

x01-Tsumugi-KotoriI really liked the opening episode of Sweetness and Lightning. It captured something about cooking that so many other anime about cooking never do. They captured the joy in seeing someone you care about eating your homemade food. It wasn’t shounen battle cooking where the actual cooking could be replaced with anything and it would be the same show. It felt like a show where the cooking was central to the story, and as someone who cooks a lot that spoke to me personally. Yet after a couple of episodes and already my interest is waning and I think it’s because it has lost its high stakes somewhat.

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Day with The Cart Driver Season 2 Episode 1 – Inferno Cop advice column


Season 2! Thanks to the big break since the last episode, I’m totally making this a second season.

Yeah the weeb married couple podcast is back where myself and Day from Gar Gar Stegosaurus argue about anime. We basically talk all about what we watched over the spring season, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what had Inferno Cop in it. I’ll put timestamps in for each show so you can avoid spoilers where possible.

You can download the podcast or simply listen to it on the website below.


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Summer 2016 Anime Season Preview

imageWait, what date is it? Why is my twitter feed talking about anime I’ve never heard of? Oh shit, the new season has started already? I have a half-written season preview that can’t go unpublished! Damn, got to finish this thing right now. Quick, shut off Overwach for the first time in a month and hastily finish this thing.

So errr, welcome to The Cart Driver’s no longer world-famous because I stopped posting anything Anime Season Preview! Less fanfare this time because like 10 anime have already aired and if I don’t hurry this will all be outdated. No pictures, no trailers, just endless word barf with no way to turn off the faucet.

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Big Order Review: More Like Big Snore(der)


The opening of Big Order is, far and away, its biggest redeeming element. I say this not because it’s exceptional, but compared to every other aspect of the show, it’s the epitome of artistic expression. As Big Order collapsed into the realm of inanity, the decent OP remained its only consistent feature, setting expectations to middling heights that the show refused to even attempt to reach. So thank you for at least trying, Disorder. I just wish that Big Order put half the effort into everything else. Read More »

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The Focus Problem of Mayoiga: Why Lovepon is the Only Good Thing About the Show


Mayoiga has a significant problem between it and staying good, and it’s that everyone isn’t Lovepon. This may seem like a joke meant to further my virulent pro-Lovepon agenda and her insistence on executing everything that looks at her funny, but it is something that dramatically reduces the joy that I get from watching socially incapable idiots bumbling their way into solving a mystery. As Mayoiga shows them not only trying to be capable, but actually achieving capability, some of the magic is beginning to wear off. The characters are the show’s best feature, and it stepping away from the deranged interactions of the first couple of episodes to add to the plot isn’t doing it any favors.  Read More »

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress episode 6 – Muscly women

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - 06 - Large 27I loved her before it was cool. I think part of what made the whole scene great was the pointlessness of it too. She didn’t need to take off her jacket to pull back that lever but, on the other hand, she definitely needed to take off her jacket to pull that lever. Araki evidently has a thing for toned ladies given the incredible six pack Mikasa got in the anime version. He’s a man after my own heart. I will admit I am biased. I married a soldier so I have a thing for women with impressive musculature. But when an anime lady has defined muscles like this rather than the stick thin boring featureless bodies, I personally find that so much hotter. Not even just hot but also impressive in an attention to detail sort of way. It shows an animator somewhere has attended a life drawing class at some point and know how to draw muscles. People also just look more human too. You can often tell this with erotic material especially. The difference is seriously noticeable between someone who has taken life drawing and someone who hasn’t. Seriously, if you’re an aspiring artist, go take some life drawing classes.

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