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Iron-Blooded Orphans and Endangering Children: Children Are People Too


An inundation of papers to write on early 20th Century Chinese psychiatry have been kicking my ass the past several weeks, so have this gobbing up of thoughts on why Iron-Blooded Orphans is really really good. Read More »

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Sodachi Lost is Pretty Damn Good


Discounting the trappings of Shaft’s distinctive Monogatari aesthetic, which have been used to an effect on par with the best of prior series, there’s very little in Sodachi Lost that ties directly into the heart-stoppingly byzantine overarching narrative that everything else dutifully feeds. Aside from the main cast that’s solving the mystery behind Oikura’s return, very little immediate plot development requires prior investment in the series. It’s this self-contained nature, and the relative independence from everything else that the series has built up to, that makes Sodachi Lost so refreshing. It furthers the story roughly as much as Tsukimonogatari, the wheel-spinniest of the franchise thus far, did, but it doesn’t have pretentions toward doing so.

Taken by itself, Sodachi Lost is a surprisingly sensitive exploration of childhood trauma that would work almost as well out of a Monogatari context, but is further enhanced by the unique spin that the franchise brings to everything it touches—like a King Midas who turns everything he touches to neck-tilts and punny names. Read More »

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A Day with The Cart Driver podcast episode 4 – Ramba Ral: The real Gundam protagonist

Gundam The Origin - 01 - Large 65

On this podcast, myself and Day from Gar Gar Stegosaurus continue down our seemingly endless Gundam path and watch Gundam the Origin, the new prequel to the original Gundam series that focuses on the real main character for the franchise Ramba Ral. Also this Char/Casval bloke? What follows is a whole load of Gundam timeline discussion as I get confused between AU and UC because I’m such a casual. Day also convinces me to watch a bit of G Gundam as we see the anime equivalent of the World Cup. You can listen or direct download the podcast below.

Direct Download

Read More »

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October 2015 Roundup

One-Punch Man - 04 - Large 35What’s that? There wasn’t a monthly roundup last month? Never mind that, there was probably nothing important to say anyway. Let’s instead jump right forward and just talk about this month’s anime!

Read More »

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How Psycho Pass Got Its Mojo Back and Shimoneta’s Cyberpunk Dystopia

[AnimeOut] Psycho-Pass - Movie [720p-BD][notCommie][Zii].mkv_snapshot_00.39.33_[2015.10.12_20.36.51]I got two particularly great articles for you folks today. The first of which is me finally getting to write about the Psycho Pass movie and how it was so welcome for a fan like myself who was so burned by the second season. Go read that on MAL as I get into the movies themes, without spoilers just in case you were scared.

I’ve also written about Psycho Pass again…sort of. Actually it’s about Shimoneta and why it’s the other great cyberpunk dystopian setting and why it totally is cyberpunk. You can give it a read on MAL…wait no, you can read it on Anime News Network. Yeah I know, I got to write about spunk-filled cookies on ANN. I feel this might be a career high point. It’s all downhill from here.

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Owarimonogatari Episode 4: It’s Not Ougi ’til it’s Ougi


Sometimes I think that the amount of goodwill that Monogatari’s built up in me is disproportionately large to how good it actually is. Well I say “sometimes”, but a part of me knows that for every Nadeko Medusa and Hitagi End that skewers both the audience and its own characters into a shish kebab of pure spite, there’s a Hanamonogatari that just… exists. Not in a bad way, but being based almost exclusively around Kanbaru and an old rival makes the limited variety in location all the more pronounced.

I guess that the point I’m desperately trying to make is that, at times, it feels like Monogatari’s worn out its welcome, and the overwhelming portion of me that enjoys it hasn’t quite gotten the memo—the same portion that considers Sore ga Seiyuu an Anime of the Year contender. And then I see something like the beginning of Sodachi Lost, which so perfectly encapsulates why I consider the series’ overwhelming Shaft-ness to be a boon where it’s doomed so many other recent Shaft shows in the past. It’s the exact thing I need to tell the nay-saying, probably correct part of me to go fuck itself and its standards. Read More »

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What I Watched Last Season

alartHello! It’s been a while. I’ve taken a long break for personal reasons I won’t go into here. I’m still not interested in writing about anime episodically for the time being (and I’m not sure I ever will again, even with the announcement of JoJo Part 4 anime being a thing), but I’d like to dip my toe back into the water and shake off some of the rust. (Is that enough cliches for you?)

Let’s start simple. Last season I finished probably the fewest anime I’ve completed in a while — partly because of quality, and partly because I’m making an effort to be more selective with what I spend my time on. (I still watch anime, though, so clearly my taste isn’t amazing.) I did complete shows that are worth writing about, however, so let’s do that!

Read More »

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MAL articles roundup #7 – Best anime of the season!

One Punch Man - 03 -34[2]

From now on I’ll probably start writing first impressions posts back on here since I’m not sure I can sneak them into MAL, particularly given all the negative pieces I’m likely to write in a given season. But for now I have written about the best new anime of the season and what I think it worth checking out.

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