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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 3 – Eye need something of yours

vlcsnap-2014-10-25-12h06m04s165Nothing grosses me out and makes me squeamish more than eye torture. Even hacking off a dude’s balls doesn’t get me to squeeze up into my own little world of pain quite like eye torture, with the possible exception of cringe humour from Watamote. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can see it coming towards you that gets me so much. However creators know this and can lean on eye torture for cheap shock tactics to prove just how evil someone is (I remember Deadline Wonderland doing this) so to pull it off in a way that feels relevant and not gratuitous is difficult. I think this scene pulled it off, possibly because they didn’t shove a drill bit in her eye. Rather they just showed the eyeball and bloody bandage and let you figure it out for yourself.

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Parasyte episode 3 – Not now, we’re in public

vlcsnap-2014-10-24-14h50m32s74When you’re out in a cafe with your man and he starts unravelling his head in a threatening manner, don’t you just hate that #justgirlthings

I’m pretty darn excited that we’ve introduced our parasyte maths teacher. She’s probably the best character in the manga alongside Migi, probably because they have a lot in common. They’re both more thoughtful, forward thinking parasytes who have realised they shouldn’t run out blindly killing people if they want to survive. They’ve adapted to their environment in their own more human ways. I also quite like her character design in that she’s kinda hot but in a way that you feel a little unsettled by. It’s like the Claymore’s from Magical Girl Doremi no sorry I mean from Claymore in that they’re kinda hot in theory but have this look to them that’s just close enough to being a monster that it unsettles you. One little shift in their eyes is all you need to remind yourself that you should probably not try hitting on one.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 3 – Family Ties


Poor Ramba Ral. He was all ready to re-enact that one episode of 08th MS Team, too. It would’ve been glorious. Why you gotta Gundam block, teacher? That ain’t right.

Something I’m enjoying so far in Gundam Build Fighters Try is the introduction of new characters who are related to characters from the first season. So far it’s just been Yuuma (China’s younger brother) and in this episode and Gyanko (what a great nickname), who is the younger sister of Sei’s first rival, Susumu. I like the approach Try is taking with these characters so far because the show hasn’t overemphasized the relationships and defined these new characters by who they’re related to. There’s just enough for people to notice (this episode is obviously encouraging people to think about and remember Susumu with the comments about him), but the writing leads the viewers in one direction and then switches it up. So Gyanko is arrogant and confident in her abilities, but she’s also self-aware enough to know when she’s beaten and accept it and move on.

That’s cool. It’s taking the expectations of fans and playing around with them a bit — and maybe even causing everyone to think about Susumu differently now. He has to have grown up a bit, yeah? And Gyanko’s still holding him up as a positive role model. Maybe he’s changed, or maybe it’s a younger sibling idolizing an older one. Who knows? It’s nice to think about.

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Unlimited Blade Works Episode 2: Unlimited Exposition Works (And Rin’s Ass)


Did you want Kirei to walk exposition circles? Well here’s Kirei walking exposition circles. That Fate/Zero magic is back in force. Read More »

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Fantasy Anime League Fall 2014 week 2 – 20 year-old manga adaptations are hits

parasyte preggersTwo weeks into Fantasy Anime League and it’s time to check in on how you’re doing. Did you get it all right and correctly predicted that MAL would love a fine collection of light novel adaptations, or did you somehow not realise that an adaptation of a 20 year old manga by a slowly dying studio would still somehow end up being the most popular show of the season?

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 2 – Badassery comes with bad lungs


Akane smokes now. Mai waifu has been ruined.

Actually I find this to be a really interesting reveal for her character. She definitely didn’t smoke last season. It fit her more straight-out-of-college naive young adult look. It seems like she’s picked up the habit from Kougami. If anything it wasn’t even made clear whether she puts the cigarettes in her mouth or just leaves them there to burn as a way of soothing her nerves. She seems uncomfortable that she’s picked up the habit but it also appears to be like a coping mechanism. After Akane – Badass Super Woman last episode started to border a touch on parody, it’s great to see some weakness and flaws in her character too. Becoming that badass takes its toll on a person, and one of those tolls are on your lungs.

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Parasyte episode 2 – Dickhand

vlcsnap-2014-10-16-10h57m37s150My demands for a Parasyte adaptation are pretty lenient. There were only two scenes I really wanted in. Firstly the one from the very start where the man’s head splits into 10 different jaws and bites off his wife’s head. The second was dickhand. We sort of got dickhand, in about as uncensored a fashion as we were possibly going to get. Plus it was accompanied with a very silly sound effect, like someone letting all the air out of a balloon. So I’m happy. You can now turn Migi into the latest idol sensation if you want. Heck I might actually play that Love Live phone rhythm game if you could choose Migi as one of the idols.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 2 – My Fists Are Some Talky Bastards


More evidence that Sekai is a distant ancestor of G Gundam‘s Domon Kasshu. Or an alternate version? Or his mind transferred in a child’s body? I don’t totally understand how these alternate Gundam universes work.

Going off on a tangent here: I love Build Fighters, but I never quite understood the Gundam Battle system works. Like, I get what it’s actually doing — projecting the figures into a virtual environment to make the battles more immersive without being actually dangerous — but the specifics elude me. What are the pilots actually seeing when they’re in the “pilot’s seat” controlling their machine? Are they limited to the view from the Gundam? Or do they see the world projected in front of them? What the hell are the figures doing that whole time? They’re doing SOMETHING because the big joke after all is that they’re getting destroyed in this virtual world (with pilots screaming as their robots are blown up, natch), but they emerge in reality with a leg broken off or whatever as the pilot sobs in agony. (Which is ALWAYS funny, by the way, especially if someone is super dramatic about it. Then again, if someone broke one of my figures …)

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