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Hunter x Hunter 125 – BUG STOMPIN’


Before we get to OLD MAN SLAPPING AROUND THE YOUNGINS, I want to say that I love how this arc is playing with what each characters knows and the assumptions they make under pressure due to that knowledge. This week it’s Pitou who has way too many worries: The possibility that Gon has discovered Pouf’s plot and will betray their agreement at any moment, protecting Komugi for the King’s happiness, making sure the King doesn’t get killed, etc. There’s so much information to process, but Pitou has been isolated, so making proper sense of what’s going on isn’t possible.

I don’t know how much stronger Gon has become, but without evidence suggesting otherwise, I can only operate under the assumption that he is still weaker than Neferpitou. But he clearly has the mental advantage right now. He’s focused on one thing: waiting Pitou out and then battle. Pitou has to think about keeping Komugi safe, keeping the King safe, making sure their plans fall apart, and defense against Gon. Which of those receives priority? Gon isn’t the type of person to kill or even attack Komugi — even in this state of mind I believe that about him — but Pitou doesn’t know that. Maybe Pitou could have believed that once and played upon that, but with Gon like this? Not so much.


Right now, Pitou is like a cornered ca– *is drawn and quartered before pun could be completed*

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Mushishi Season 2 episode 2 – Dye the sea red

Mushishi Zoku Shou - 02 - Large 02Scamp: Mushishi is an incredible show guys. I know I say it a lot, and will probably be saying it a lot as myself and Inushinde cover it, but it truly is an incredible show. If you’re just glancing at this feeling disgruntled that we’re covering a sequel to a show you haven’t seen before and therefore can’t follow along, do yourself a favour and drop everything to watch the first season. Or heck, just jump straight into season 2. You don’t need any prior knowledge whatsoever. There isn’t a plot. The special episode that was released in January is an excellent starting point to the franchise as a whole. Go watch it now.

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Nanananananananana’s Buried Treasure episode 1 – Noitaminanananananana

noitamina lolThis sure is a positive direction to take the Noitamina block. I remember back in the day when it hosted award winning josei manga adaptations which otherwise weren’t getting made into anime, or ambitious high concept original sci-fi anime. Nobody wanted that though. What we wanted was an upskirt shot of a dark-skinned KanaHana(nanananana) voiced maid. Yes, stop lying to yourselves you elitists. This is what you actually wanted. Isn’t it wonderful?

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Knights of Sidonia Episode 1: The Characters Look Like Fish-People


The Innsmouth Look aside, I haven’t slobbered over anything this much just from the first episode since Penguindrum. What really managed to sell the series for me is two really brief scenes, and how it makes them work in conjunction with each other to create a vibrant, breathing world with only a few minutes of natural dialogue. It’s proof that exposition and dodgy CG mechs being groped by tentacles can live in perfect harmony. I feel like a kid in a candy store, except the candy is subtly-woven exposition and tentacles. Read More »

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Ping Pong episode 1 – China saves the show

Ping Pong - 01 - Large 05Anime fandom needs to upgrade how it talks about the visuals in an anime. When I see people talk about the animation in Ping Pong, it’s pretty evident that they’re not using the phrase correctly and are referring to something different. While I’ve got my nark on, we also need to upgrade how we discuss the writing in anime too, since ‘plot’ and  ’writing’ are two whole separate things. I’m hardly an expert on how anime production goes, but I can at least try to differentiate what parts of something I liked and disliked. I’m going to do that now with Ping Pong. Take notes children.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 2 – ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAAAAAAAAA


Shinmaru: I knew I would enjoy Stardust Crusaders from the start, but I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it to the same extent as the first season. Back then it was all new to me, and as I’d later discover, the anime smoothed over most of the rough parts of the manga (even though it had some rough stuff itself). With Stardust Crusaders, it seemed to me that there was less in general to improve upon, because that’s when Hirohiko Araki really came into his own as an artist as well as a writer of crazy things. But it turns out that, no, I still get really excited about ridiculous color palettes and seeing the characters move around (um, such as they do) and such while they fight. So I’m past that hump now! I can stop being a scaredy little snob and enjoy the anime to the fullest.

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Dai Shogun episode 1 – Musashi Gundoh’s long lost cousin

dai shogun 2This is awful. You should watch it.

I’m actually a little staggered by Dai Shogun. This is an anime with big name talents behind it with as the writer of Cowboy Bebop Dai Sato. It has character designs that have clearly had effort put into it. It has an actual animation studio that can do animation on it with JC Staff. OK sure I think all JC Staff anime suck, but not like this. This is different. Something is going on behind the scenes at Dai Shogun. You don’t make an anime this bad and put it out thinking “yup, I did a good job there”.

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Chaika the Coffin Princess episode 1 – Unicorn guts

[HorribleSubs] Hitsugi no Chaika - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_04.13_[2014.04.09_20.40.16]While there are little niggly things about the first episode of Chaika that could only be called as “fucking anime bullshit”, I was quite impressed by the structure and storytelling capabilities of this episode. We establish our main character. He is a fighter of sorts who has fallen on rough times and is struggling to place down a full time job. We establish our support lead character. A mysterious girl with a coffin on her back. We establish the world they’re in, being a world of magic and unicorns full with guts. We establish there’s something ~mysterious~ going on with this girl. All of this with basically zero exposition. Congratulations on that Chaika. You might not have great dialogue but you told a story without needless exposition. Wish more anime took a leaf out of your book.

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