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Day with The Cart Driver Season 2 Episode 1 – Weaponised Fanservice


Totally haven’t renamed the last episode so this can be the real episode 1.

Yeah we’re back with Day with The Cart Driver anime podcast, where a pair of married weebs bicker about anime. Myself and Day from Gar Gar Stegosaurus We talk the new season and all our thoughts, of which we have a lot. I forget the name of my crush in Haikyuu as Day reminisces about real life Russian figure skaters performing to sex bomb.

You can download the podcast or simply listen to it on the website here. Timestamps below.


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Shelter Review – 2016: A Space Meander


So Shelter is pretty good for a six minute music video. Hell, it’s probably the best six minute anime music video about a girl stuck in a simulation while floating alone in the depths of space written by Porter Robinson I’ve ever seen. Read More »

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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions: March Comes In Like a Lion, Girlish Number, Kiss Him Not Me, The Great Passage

3-gatsu-no-lion-01-large-31Someone disappears into a background of shoujo flowers, only to burst out of them again complete with petals cascading off their body. You know, I still kinda like Shaft.

Last batch for now, seeing as I’ve already started my secondary project of watching all the anime from this year I missed out on due to moving/classes/work/Overwatch. Seems like it’s been a pretty good season so far.  A few disappointments, most notably All Out, but most of what I had pinned some hopes on have delivered.

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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions: Keijo, Flip Flappers, All Out and Drifters

drifters-01-large-36Dat hat tho

Continuing with my first impressions posts. I now finally have internet in my home again, so I can watch Crunchyroll and not have to trek down to the local library and sponge off their internet with that one weird bloke who’s there everyday watching political videos on youtube and swearing under his breath. This was a slightly less impressive batch of episodes than the first bunch, but hey that’s a new season for you.

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Occultic;Nine Episode 1: Occultic;Ja, or Occultic;Nein?


Occultic;Nine is the next in a proud line of x-semicolon-y shows that gives my spellcheck a heart attack each time I write the title out. It’s also exactly what a 40-something adult thinks all anime is, being chockfull of titanic trembling tits, hyperactive pacing, a less than flattering depiction of effeminate bartenders, and a teenage male lead voiced by Yuki Kaji who talks like he’s mainlining speed. That’s not necessarily a knock against Occultic;Nine, it’s just the most anime anime to have animed in quite some time. Read More »

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Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions: Izetta the Last Witch, Magical Girl Raising Project, Yuri on Ice

yi-48zykzrrn5kplcbkyta_rThe bug has bit me. I want to blog about anime again! As in on this site and not as some corporate whore! We’ll see how long this lasts as I’ve only been picking up the anime I had some interest in pre-season. It’s nice that none of them have let me down though. In fact in all 3 cases I’d say they had exceeded my expectations. Which rather gives my hand away on what I was going to say about them but read on anyway, it has been a while after all.

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WWW.Working!! Episode 1: Coming Out of Retirement


Another season of Working and yet another show about magical girls being victims of malevolent forces far beyond their control are the two things that I never thought the world needed more of, but I guess here’s Fall 2016 to prove me wrong. Here are my thoughts on one of those shows mentioned in the previous sentence. Spoiler alert: It’s exactly the one you think it is. Read More »

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Fall 2016 Anime Season Preview

thunderbolt-fantasy004Anime blog? No, this is a Taiwanese puppet drama blog now.

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s slightly late Fall 2016 Anime Season Preview. You may only declare this blog dead when a new season passes with no season preview. Plus this season looks all right. It has a gay Russian figure skating, bikini-clad boob wrestling, bisexual prison escapades, hot sculpted rugby rear ends, and an anime featuring Mozart with a giant pink braided ponytail. No Taiwanese puppet dramas but I suppose not every season can be 10/10 Best Season Ever.

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