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Code Geass episode 9-12 – Table-kun

code geass is a serious animeCode Geass: Still a serious anime about war and the morality of terrorism. And table fucking. We will get to that part later.

I’m actually quite pleased they had this minor scene in one episode since it is basically the reason why the wonderful Nunnally in Wonderland OVA exists and that thing is a minor masterpiece. I think that OVA might be one of the only Code Geass spinoff pieces I’ve actually seen, apart from the currently ongoing Akito the Exiled OVAs that Sunrise swear will definitely be released this year no really. Rewatching Geass has put me pretty strongly back on the bandwagon and I feel I should check out all of the spinoff material. Picture dramas, alternate universe mangas, even a DS game with a partial English fan translation exists. The Geass train never ends.

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8 CommentsBlood Blockade Battlefront / By Shinmaru /

Blood Blockade Battlefront 4 – Hi, We’re Vampires!

blood-blockade-battlefront-boo-spooky-vampiresAs tired as vampires can be, I sort of like the idea behind the ones in Blood Blockade Battlefront. They take the whole “vampires’ reflections can’t be seen in mirrors because they have NO SOULS” thing to the extreme — these vampires can’t be seen by anyone, human or otherwise, except of course if one has the eyes of a god. Their inhumanity is emphasized more: even compared to the folks who have stumbled into our world from a different direction, these vampires are from a different place entirely.

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50 CommentsHopefully Humorous / By Scamp /

Does this anime have BL in it?

Owari no Seraph - 03 - Large 27The anime viewer must always remain vigilant against two letters: L and B. No, not Little Busters, although you definitely shouldn’t watch that either. It’s BL, the horrific, sudden, and irreversible discovery that the new anime you have picked up turns out to have been a Boys Love anime. With gay people. Sometimes kissing. Or at least this is the impression you can come across sometimes if you hang around anime discussion forums online. It crops up frequently where someone will post an honest question as to whether this anime is BL and therefore should they stay away from it. The most recent anime I’ve seen a recipient of this is for Seraph of the End because one boy hugs another boy at some point in it. I’ve seen this enough times by now that I feel it’s worth tackling.

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7 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 40 – No Game, No Life

jojos-bizarre-adventure-f-megaThis is an amazing looking game for the late 1980s. If I’d seen this on an NES in like 1989, my head would have exploded. Also I would’ve played it maybe twice before getting bored, because I don’t like racing games, but still.

Among the many reasons to love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is that it will venture from vicious animal fights to a battle between two gamers without blinking. Someone probably bet their soul playing a game or two during college at some point. I’m always tickled when video games appear in stories from 20+ years ago, particularly when creators trying to spin it forward and give their vision of future games or ideal games or whatever. The only way this could have been better for me is if D’Arby had brought out either an old ass pair of computers to play this on (that would nonetheless somehow be powerful enough to run this game) or a bulky VR set.

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Code Geass episodes 5-8 – Pizza Hut supports the (pirated) rebellion

pizza hut no longer supports the rebellionA highly frustrating thing happened to me with Code Geass. I’d been watching my own DVDs I had gotten for Christmas. I got up to episode 6 where I had to swap my dvd out for the next batch of episodes only to discover the box was missing one of the discs. If you know anything about Geass you know how tough it is to not jump straight to the next episode, which makes me stopping to write this post kinda difficult in itself. But instead I ended up having to bring up ripped versions from Youtube, which sure took me back. I honestly don’t know when the last time I watched an illegally streamed anime was. In doing so I discovered that while the Pizza Hut logos were taken out of the international release, they were still on these pirated versions. I had heard of this before but it is interesting to wonder what the terms of the product placement contract originally were. You have to imagine the creators had to go back and blot out every instance of the logo appearing, and believe me there were a lot.

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9 CommentsBlood Blockade Battlefront / By Shinmaru /

Blood Blockade Battlefront 3 – Maniac Mansion

blood-blockade-battlefrontblood-blockade-battlefront-in-front-of-the-doorsI like this episode overall, so it feels sort of weird to say this about a relatively minor part, but the transition between the top shot and the shot below is my favorite part of the episode.

The drive up to the mansion and this little stroll on the way to the main room shows so much about Don Arlelelle before it even shows up onscreen. The twisty, turny freeway; the mansion on its side that appears as if it’s sinking into the ground; the hallway stocked with horrific paintings; and, of course, the room structure that makes zero sense in regards to our understanding of geometry. (It could maybe be argued that the presentation of the hallway is just a stylistic thing, but considering how the rest of this area is, I can accept that everyone’s walking through some weird ass hallway.) It’s all alien in that the presentation runs counter to human understanding, but that the parts are recognizably human is interesting to me.

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 3 – Arabian Santa Claus kicks arse

vlcsnap-2015-04-20-13h13m25s207Although I might think the animation in Arslan sucks, I do like its tendency to depict heroic characters slashing their weapon and have a collection of grunts fly away from them like his just let out a giant fart and they’re all swooning from it’s whiff. It’s like you’re looking at someone play a Dynasty Warriors game. In fact, Arslan sure bears a lot of resemblance to Romance of the Three Kingdoms stories. Stupidly large number of characters with lords and betrayals and the like. The more modern comparison would be Game of Thrones and I’m sure there are plenty of up and coming anime reviewers who have made that comparison already. However I am a giant weeb so I will use the Three Kingdoms comparison.

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23 CommentsFantasy Anime League / By Scamp /

Fantasy Anime League 2 weeks later – Small hollow victories

Ore Monogatari - 02 -37[2]The opening salvo of the latest anime season has begun. That means it’s time to see what the collective denizens of MAL have decided they will watch this season. As always with Fantasy Anime League, you quickly know within the first two weeks whether you have picked winners or not. Or in Inushinde’s case, losers. So have we picked winners/losers? Or has Inushinde even picked a team at all? Errr…about that…

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