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November 2017 Anime Roundup

3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season - 06 - Large 01

I had too many month where the top image was Tanya the Evil pulling a deranged face so we need some Momo to balance it out.

I missed last month as I had fallen behind on some stuff, but I’ve had to accept keeping up when you have a full time job is tough. Still only seen one episode of Inuyashiki and need to catch up. Same with Kino’s Journey, although given what people are saying about it, I’m maybe less inclined to catch up there. Also stuck at four episodes of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, but I’m definitely done there because there’s only so long I can put up with someone’s skull-daddy fetish anime before I give in – yes that’s right that anime is bad and slow and blergh. Anyway, here’s all the actual good stuff from this season.

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URAHARA Episodes 1-4: Fashion Unconscious


URAHARA is a show that I hate to hate. It was very evidently made with at least a modicum of passion, and doesn’t have a mean bone in its pastel-laden body. It looks like cotton candy and Smarties had a baby that proceeded to vomit glitter sparkles onto a tray of watercolors, which is an aesthetic I can 100% get behind. But it also makes three fashion-conscious friends fighting aliens in Harajuku with the help of a sentient fried shrimp boring, and no amount of unholy candy-spawn vomit can make that palatable. Read More »

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Fall 2017 Anime First Impressions


The new season of Fireball is out and it is the best anime of the season. Yeah sure the entire anime from start to finish will only be 7 minutes and 30 seconds long but it’s still the best and you will all bow down to Drossel. In the meantime there were a bunch of other, lesser anime that I suppose I could talk about as well.

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Fall 2017 Anime Season Preview


There is a new season of Fireball! And it’s only 3 episodes long. My disappointment consumes me the way shittiness consumed the ending of Rage of Bahamut Virgin Souls. To drown my sorrows from both of these facts, let’s make fun of all the anime coming out next season.

Yes it’s The Cart Driver Dot Com’s Legendary Anime Season Preview, Fall 2017 Edition, which makes this 9 solid years of writing season previews. I like to think I’ve gotten better at this stuff but in my sorrow over how little content there will be in the new season of Fireball, I can no longer trust my judgement in what will be good next season. So Ancient Magus’ Bride will be crap and My Girlfriend is a Perfect Shoujo Bitch will be anime of the year. Let’s get into it!

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Watching anime on Twitch was an entertaining experience

IMG_0595For about a week Twitch and Crunchyroll paired up to stream anime on Twitch. Crunchyroll picked a couple of popular and well liked anime from the past few years and you could tune in, jumping in and out with the live stream as the chat scrolled down the side. I tuned in for a few episodes myself because it was hard to stop myself. Partly because they basically picked all my favourite anime from the last year with Mob Psycho, Yuri on Ice and Tanya the Evil, partly because I wanted to see what watching anime with a live chat would be like, and finally because I think this is a super cool initiative I would like to see return someday, and I’m pretty sure it will do too.

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July 2017 Anime Roundup

IMG_0590My standards for a good season have changed over time. Only 4 new shows I felt compelled to stick with? Wow, I’m really enjoying this season wowie! I guess in the past I was a more obsessive fan and stuck with more stuff I held out hope on maybe getting really good at some point. Either way, I’m enjoying this new season quite a bit despite not actually watching that much. More excuse to go back and watch recent OVAs.

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Summer 2017 Anime First Impressions: Princess Principal, My Girlfriend is a Gal, Gamers


A quick reminder that the new anime from this season you should be watching is Made in Abyss.

Final batch of first impressions from this season for me. Turned out it has been an all right season with a couple of interesting anime that I am petrified will all go careering off a cliff any day now and ruin everything, so instead I will have to watch more full CG hard sci-fi TV anime, underwatched OVAs and overwatched sequels since that’s been my anime palette lately.

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Summer 2017 Anime First Impressions part 2: Compulsive Gambler, Welcome to the Ballroom, Made in Abyss, Shoukoku no Altair

IMG_0580With the usual disappointing start to the anime season, where for some reason all the truly bland stuff is stuffed into the first few days of the month, we’re now into the meat of the latest anime season where the delicious filling lies. There’s some good stuff here is what I’m saying.

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