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Sword Art Online II Episode 3: A Fear of Finger-Banging


To fill space in lieu of Aldnoah-dot-Zero not being very bloggable, I’m going to resume something I did on my old blog and write weekly about an episode of any show that does something good, bad, or just distinct enough to warrant analyzing. This week, SAOII Episode 3 has Sinon reduced from a potentially interesting figure to a gibbering wreck at the sight of a delinquent girl making her fingers into a gun, proving that Sword Art Online is the best at rendering otherwise fine concepts offensive to all sensibilities when filtered through the lens of Kawahara Reki. Read More »

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 16 – A Fantastic Voyage into Joseph Joestar


Shinmaru: Man, when this little guy said he wanted to “pick Joseph Joestar’s brain,” I thought he just wanted to interview him!

I remember this being one of my favorite Stand fights in this part because it’s so different from the norm. As good as JoJo is when it presents a good puzzle for its grapplers to solve before they can beat the shit out of the opponent, I like it more when the story strays a bit and shows off a more unorthodox fight. It’s a simple idea: Steely Dan can’t be punched because that damage will be paid back with interest to whomever his Stand has invaded. His Stand is weak physically, but the psychological control that threat represents makes his Stand actually worth a shit. Along with these weirder fights, I enjoy the JoJo battles where the heroes come up against a Stand that theoretically should be really dumb and weak, but because of the way it’s used it’s actually dangerous.

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Fantasy Anime League Spring 2014 finale – So near yet so far

vlcsnap-2014-07-14-23h20m38s4Fantasy Anime League is over for another season. The bi-annual game of predicting MAL’s horrible taste in anime has concluded. Some people finished right up near the top of the table. Others competed for the prestigious rank right down the bottom. Others finished in a disappointing mid-table and totally did not delay in writing this post due to his embarrassment at such a poor showing. Nope. Absolutely not.

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Mahouka continues to be awful

[HorribleSubs] Mahouka - 09 [480p].mkv_snapshot_21.06_[2014.06.04_20.31.27]When I stopped blogging Mahouka, I figured that would be the end of my involvement with the series. Yet here I am, 15 episodes in and I’m still watching it. Sure I’ve started watching it at 3x speed, but still I have some kind of weird fascination with it. Since I know a whole load of you were reading my posts instead of watching Mahouka so you could keep up with what was going on, I’m now here to fill you in on what’s happened in the past 7 episodes. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. No really, you’ve missed barely anything. Fucking nothing has happened.

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Hunter x Hunter 138 – No, I WON’T Clean Your Room, Do It Yours– *head explodes*


Silva: You remember what the rules are, right, Killua?

Killua: Yes, Father. I especially remember that it’s dangerous to seek a wish from Alluka after something especially largely has been granted just prior. What did the last person ask for, by the way?

Silva: For Kurapika and Leorio to have larger roles in the series.

Killua: FUCK.

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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 2: Aristocrats are Dicks


Scamp may have written his thoughts on the first episode, but I saw Butch from halfway across a packed auditorium, so I think I’m just as, if not more, capable of judging Aldnoah-dot-Zero’s merits. And since it has martians who arbitrarily invade through New Orleans, rather than the capital like in every other country, I think that speaks volumes for the show’s quality. Read More »

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 15 – I, Too, Share Polnareff’s Fear of Toilets

jojos-bizarre-adventure-polnareff-toiletShinmaru: Poor Polnareff. He will never be able to think about restrooms the same way again. Anime rarely delves into the consequences of the battles our heroes engage in. Sure, they’ll show the physical damage, but what about the psychological damage? Will Polnareff ever again be able to take a dump without thinking about zombies trying to stab him with their tongues? Or zombie babies crawling around and humping legs? I’m surprised one of the zombies didn’t crawl through the toilet at some point just to dig the phobia deeper in Polnareff’s brain. Think about going to the bathroom and then … well, I’ll let your imaginations complete that thought. It’s not a pretty scenario, though. I’m not sure I’d ever use a restroom again.

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Terror of Resonance episode 1 – Terrorism cures bullying

Zankyou no Terror - 01 -38[2]Terror of Resonance is about two teenage boys with Dark Pasts involving lots of dead children. Their names are Genki Boy, who thankfully actually has a brain and isn’t genki because his skull is filled with nothing but adrenaline, and Broody Boy, who lives in his own dark and serious chuuni world. According to one girl, the two boys have “a smile like the sun” and “a gaze like ice” so when they both look in your direction, you get a severe case of frostbite and all your fingers fall off. That’s how they destroyed the twin towers. That, and a little help from some explosives disguised as goofy teddy bears with a scrotum instead of a mouth.

Neither of these characters feel particularly human so they’re hard to get much of a feel for beyond their highly transparent outer personalities. The cipher we’re supposed to have is a teenage girl who is being bullied. Why is it that the girls in anime who are bullied are almost always pretty rather than the ugly girls that were actually bullied in school? Anyway, she’s not got much of a personality either beyond being put-upon teenager. Her bullying problems are solved by the pair of pretty boys as she gets herself involved in the bombing of the twin towers.

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