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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 4 – BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD

vlcsnap-2014-10-31-21h42m09s215There was an episode last season with Psycho Pass where a guy wearing a mask started beating up a woman in the street and nobody did anything about it, only stood around and took pictures, because they were so accustomed to Sibyl that they assumed anything that was being let happen was clearly OK. If the only actions are allowed are OK by Sibyl and Sibyl is letting this go then clearly this is ok and we should stand around taking pictures. The episode split opinion at the time because it used brutality to drive home a point about the society in an extremely clear, almost too obvious manner. At the time I didn’t like how it was handled but I kind of came around to it eventually. Something about the passage of time when watching an anime means you end up appreciating the message more than the exact execution, which definitely happened for me and Psycho Pass.

I have a feeling something similar might happen for me and this latest episode.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 4 – Gunpla Date


Man alive, Build Fighters, you can’t just show this sort of thing uncensored to children!! When did our cartoons turn into sex ed?!?!?!

In this episode we have a somewhat traditional episode type in anime: the “weird character goes on a date and someone watches in secret so that they don’t totally fuck it up and end up a loveless virgin for the rest of their life” episode. These episodes always skirt the line between funny and creepy to me, especially when the person doing the spying is a sibling or whatever. It’s definitely the kind of thing you could never do in reality without being WAY too obsessed with someone’s personal life. I know I’d be weirded out if someone were spying on me while I was on a date, even if they had seemingly good intentions at heart.

Here it’s enjoyable because it at least plays into the benign parts of these episodes: silently cheering on the people on the date and improvising convoluted ways to not be noticed by the people you’re watching. It’s probably because the episode has only so much time, but I’m surprised Mirai’s fame as a model isn’t leveraged while she’s spying on Sekai and Fumina. Even with a disguise, you’d think some obsessive fan would recognize her. Ah well, there is the moment where Mirai is recognized by Yuuma, who is definitely at his most tolerable right now when he’s around Mirai and trying to act like a perfect gentleman. The poor boy doesn’t know he’s being used as a decoy. Sad.

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Parasyte episode 4 – Musically challenged

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu - 04 - Large 19It was a slightly lower key episode this week so I think it’s time to talk about an issue I’ve been putting off for a while. Sure there were some interesting discussion points this episode brought up, most notably self-determinism. The idea that creatures receive some kind of internal natural coding that makes them carry out their goal in life while humans lack this goal. We are unique in that we question what our goal in life even is. A spider can’t have an existential crisis but we sure can. However the great thing about episodic posting is I can put that discussion topic aside for now. I’m sure self-determinism will come up again in Parasyte. I instead want to talk about something that has been so consistently bad for the past 4 episodes that I now have to believe the bizarre inclusion of dubstep wasn’t just a weirdly misguided idea because the music director had been watching a lot of Jojo’s. Yes I’m going to talk about how fucking awful all the musical choices in Parasyte are.

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Can you name the anime openings from the first half of the 2010’s – Quiz


Link to the soundcloud for all the OPs here in case the plugin doesn’t work.

I’ve done one of these before about 18 months ago. It was fun and it seemed people really enjoyed it, so I decided to make another one. With all the openings for this new season out, we are now officially halfway through the 2010’s in terms of all the anime opening songs we will hear. So I figured now was a great time to do a little quiz.

I learned a few things from doing the last one. Give people more time overall and more time to guess each song to check for spelling. Also don’t get so crazily difficult as only the elite of the elite could even get the ‘middling difficulty’ ones last time anyway. Most of the ones here are from relatively popular anime but there’s a few more obscure ones mixed in too. They’re all from the last 5 years anyway so I’m expecting at least an 80% completion rate from all of you.

::NOTE:: You can post your results in the comments section below. You are also free to talk spoilers on what was in the quiz, so don’t go reading the comments before taking the quiz.

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Unlimited Blade Works Episode 3: What’s the Time? It’s Time to Get Ill(ya)


After last week delivering a heap of information, it’s nice to get an episode where a teenage girl is being chased with murderous intent by an albino elementary schooler in a snazzy outfit. Way to live my dream, Rin. Read More »

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 3 – Eye need something of yours

vlcsnap-2014-10-25-12h06m04s165Nothing grosses me out and makes me squeamish more than eye torture. Even hacking off a dude’s balls doesn’t get me to squeeze up into my own little world of pain quite like eye torture, with the possible exception of cringe humour from Watamote. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can see it coming towards you that gets me so much. However creators know this and can lean on eye torture for cheap shock tactics to prove just how evil someone is (I remember Deadline Wonderland doing this) so to pull it off in a way that feels relevant and not gratuitous is difficult. I think this scene pulled it off, possibly because they didn’t shove a drill bit in her eye. Rather they just showed the eyeball and bloody bandage and let you figure it out for yourself.

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Parasyte episode 3 – Not now, we’re in public

vlcsnap-2014-10-24-14h50m32s74When you’re out in a cafe with your man and he starts unravelling his head in a threatening manner, don’t you just hate that #justgirlthings

I’m pretty darn excited that we’ve introduced our parasyte maths teacher. She’s probably the best character in the manga alongside Migi, probably because they have a lot in common. They’re both more thoughtful, forward thinking parasytes who have realised they shouldn’t run out blindly killing people if they want to survive. They’ve adapted to their environment in their own more human ways. I also quite like her character design in that she’s kinda hot but in a way that you feel a little unsettled by. It’s like the Claymore’s from Magical Girl Doremi no sorry I mean from Claymore in that they’re kinda hot in theory but have this look to them that’s just close enough to being a monster that it unsettles you. One little shift in their eyes is all you need to remind yourself that you should probably not try hitting on one.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 3 – Family Ties


Poor Ramba Ral. He was all ready to re-enact that one episode of 08th MS Team, too. It would’ve been glorious. Why you gotta Gundam block, teacher? That ain’t right.

Something I’m enjoying so far in Gundam Build Fighters Try is the introduction of new characters who are related to characters from the first season. So far it’s just been Yuuma (China’s younger brother) and in this episode and Gyanko (what a great nickname), who is the younger sister of Sei’s first rival, Susumu. I like the approach Try is taking with these characters so far because the show hasn’t overemphasized the relationships and defined these new characters by who they’re related to. There’s just enough for people to notice (this episode is obviously encouraging people to think about and remember Susumu with the comments about him), but the writing leads the viewers in one direction and then switches it up. So Gyanko is arrogant and confident in her abilities, but she’s also self-aware enough to know when she’s beaten and accept it and move on.

That’s cool. It’s taking the expectations of fans and playing around with them a bit — and maybe even causing everyone to think about Susumu differently now. He has to have grown up a bit, yeah? And Gyanko’s still holding him up as a positive role model. Maybe he’s changed, or maybe it’s a younger sibling idolizing an older one. Who knows? It’s nice to think about.

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