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Winter 2015 Anime Season Preview

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaAll the ladies in the club let me hear you say “kyaaaa”. Fushoji gonna wet themselves like it’s 2010. Let’s get some outright hatred meaning they totally want to fuck in the house tonight.

Welcome to The Cart Driver Dot Com’s World Famous (in that at least one person on each continent has heard of it apart from maybe Antarctica but if you are on Antarctica let me hear from you) Anime Season Preview, Winter 2015 Edition. Let me ask you: Have you liked an anime in the past? Because if so then you are probably going to like an anime from this season, if only because it probably has a sequel airing this winter. There are like a billion sequels this season. But one of those sequels involves a man throwing vending machines at another man wearing a jacket with fur on its hood which is actually code for “I want your dick” so it’s not all bad.

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 7 – Room full of spleens

vlcsnap-2014-11-22-12h09m40s27I feel something has been lost between Psycho Pass and I. It broke…I wouldn’t call it a suspension of disbelief, but it broke my investment in proceedings from a in-world perspective. In previous episodes I would have gotten heavily into all the theorising as to what is going on, why Kamui is doing the things he’s doing and why is Mika such a little shit. Now though I feel too detached from proceedings due to my interest dropping out when it went full stupid previously. So now I only care about how long is left in the episode, what stupid reason will they create for Kamui being able to hide himself, and why is Mika such a little shit.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 7 – Fists & Furious


I can’t hate on any episode that features a Gundam executing a cross armbreaker on another Gundam.

This fight is fun for what it is — reminds me a bit of the big match against Fellini in the first season, though not nearly as meaningful — but for right now I prefer the show to keep milking the team angle. That there are so many variables to consider within each match, even when teams have a specific theme, makes for a more fun, interesting experience. One-on-one can obviously be a lot of fun, too, but we had a ton of that the first go around. Let’s keep going with something different!

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Parasyte episode 7 – Big-mouthed crybabies

vlcsnap-2014-11-20-11h52m37s210Nice to see the fluidity and detail of Parasyte’s transformation sequences return in full force this week. Partly because the more fluid they are, the more effective they are at creating that creepy transition from human to monster with that uncanny valley inbetween spot. The scene where Shinichi watches his ex-mother transform into Parasyte and has to look away at the exact moment where she does the swap wouldn’t have been as effective without it. He has to push the image of his mother out of his mind and concentrate only on the monster, which is why he must stop watching the transformation so he can divorce the two in my mind.

But the main reason I love having those detailed transformations back is because it created that wonderful screencap of Migi merging his different bodies back together again. It truly is a delightfully horrid monstrosity that I can’t stop staring at, like a spider closing in on a trapped fly or Tomino trying to write dialogue.

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Unlimited Blade Works Episode 6: Caster of Puppets


I can’t say I’m all that fond of the show being delineated between action and exposition-heavy episodes like this, with very little in-between. It ends up creating a wealth of content to write about one week to make up for almost none coming from the preceding and succeeding episodes. There’s a great deal that’s set up between set-pieces that would be great to write about with the benefit of hindsight, which is something that can’t really be had when we’re still at the “Rin just now refuses to attack Shirou” phase. But here Shirou proves himself not wholly incompetent at magic, Caster makes a ball-shriveling appearance with creepy strings, and Archer does cool shit, so it’s not all bad.  Read More »

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 6 – Blow up everybody

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 06 - Large 30Psycho Pass has become the kind of show where I have some misgivings while watching the episode but generally enjoy it, probably because it has lots of things blowing up. But then I go eat dinner, think the episode over, sleep on it for a bit and suddenly wake up yelling “why the fuck does everyone get killed by Dominators now”. Normally I write the episodic post very soon after I watch the episode so I don’t get that far in my thought process, but this week I slept on it and now I’m mad.

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Parasyte episode 6 – Suddenly haggard middle aged man

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu - 06 - Large 29How you know Parasyte is a good anime: The male characters have nipples. This is how I judge how good an anime is. It is my rating scale. Simply a yes/no answer (there’s also an ‘inconclusive’ option for when no man reveals his chest, but all good anime have a mad taking his top off at some point so the formula still works). I recently rewatched Spice and Wolf and thought it was pretty good until the second episode where Lawrence took off his top and he had no nipples.

Where was I? Parasyte! Oh yes, his mum died. Sorry, I got distracted from dead parents by nipples. Again.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 6 – Teamwork Is My Superpower


“Speak softly and carry a big robotic fist.” — Teddy Roosevelt

I wasn’t expecting the series to give Fumina a leap forward so quickly! I like her special power — it fits her personality, and it should lead to some fun, sneaky stuff. It’s cool how Fumina has built her whole approach on people underestimating her. She’s not fighting with a chip on her shoulder, but she’s taking a negative and mining all the positive out of it. Everything Fumina is doing is made for her to look as unassuming as possible: She’s got a goofy looking machine, she doesn’t have a flashy fighting style, and she makes a point of acting as support and making sure everyone knows it. I’m sure she’d like respect, but fighting with her friends, having fun and winning probably mean more to her, so she’ll take advantage of a fault if other teams are going to make it easy.

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